Midweek Motivations: X-Particles SHOWREEL 2019, rendered in Cycles 4D

Midweek Motivations: X-Particles SHOWREEL 2019, rendered in Cycles 4D

Watch these gorgeous particle effects, splashes, and more created with X-Particles. The video was rendered in Cycles 4D. Plus, information about upgrading and Cycles 4D.

X-Particles 4 – Upgrade Now for Best Pricing

Upgrade from v3.5 Before Price Increase on 1 February 2019.*

Now is the time to get current on your license! Now that X-Particles v4 and updates have been available now for nearly a year, INSYDIUM will be adjusting the upgrade pricing from v3.5.

X-Particles 4 – Upgrade from v3.5

*We can supply upgrades from v3.5 Unlocked (Floating) purchases EXCEPT for those with serial numbers starting with #XP3-000.

News: Insydium Cycles 4D 12 Month Maintenance extension FREE to ALL Users

Back in September, we reported about the developer of Cycles 4D's being seriously ill, and unfortunately, Cycles 4D's development was put on hiatus for a bit. Insydium has extended the maintenance of all Cycles 4D licenses for 12 months, beginning in September 2018, to make up for this delay. All Cycles 4D users will have access to the early builds and releases as they are available. We are happy that the developer has recovered from his illness too!

R20 Compatibility for Cycles 4D

Insydium is expecting an R20 Compatible release of Cycles 4D to be available to the public sometime in early 2019. There were big changes to the Cinema 4D core, so that is why developers had to update their plug-ins.

CINEMA 4D R20 COMPATIBILITY LIST       See the original article

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki