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New: 10 New FxFactory FXPacks

10 new fxfactory products

We’ve just added 10 new products to the popular FxFactory family of products from PremiumVFX, Century Creatives, Oblivious Frog, Rowie and more.  Try a demo today.


FxFactory Face Blur

FxFactory Face Blur

Track, Blur, and Pixelate any Face or Object in your Video

Automatically track, blur and/or pixelate faces in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects with FxFactory Face Blur. You can also track and blur any object or face in the frame with the included Object Blur plug-in.

Face Blur automatically detects, blurs and pixelates any human faces in your video. Multiple faces can be detected at once in your video. Face Blur can blur or pixelate all of them simultaneously, or limit the effect to a specific face. The relative size and tilt angle of each face is tracked independently, guaranteeing a consistent output when people are moving closer or further away from the camera.

Learn MoreTry FxFactory Face Blur for free!


PremiumVFX Lists

PremiumVFX Lists

Itemize Lists with Exciting Configuration Options

PremiumVFX Lists is a versatile plugin for Final Cut Pro X that helps you create and manage lists in your videos quickly and easily. With Lists, you can turn any text or spreadsheet data into a visually appealing list in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re creating a simple to-do list or a complex data analysis, Lists makes it easy to manage your information in a professional and engaging way.

Try it today and see how it can improve your workflow!

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Lists for free!



PremiumVFX Multi Screens

PremiumVFX Multi Screens

The name speaks for itself. PremiumVFX Multi Screens allows users to show multiple photos, videos, and/or media professionally, at the same time. This plugin has the high-quality split screen templates that you need in your work.

Easy to use, just drag-and-drop to your timeline in Final Cut Pro.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Multi Screens for free!



PremiumVFX Kinetic Posters

PremiumVFX Kinetic Posters

Animated titles to make a strong statement

Make a statement with PremiumVFX Kinetic Posters! Kinetic Posters for Final Cut Pro plugin is a must-have tool for any video editor looking to add professional-quality kinetic typography and allows video editors to add eye-catching text and graphics to their projects.

Its versatility, ease of use, and customizable options make it an essential addition to any editing workflow.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Kinetic Posters for free!



PremiumVFX Animated Sketches

PremiumVFX Animated Sketches

Hand Sketched Letters, Numbers & Shapes

PremiumVFX Animated Sketches for Final Cut Pro is a powerful tool designed to add a unique and artistic touch to your videos.

Add a playful and creative element to your footage with any of the 150 hand-drawn animated sketches available in this plug-in.

Whether you’re looking to create a fun intro for a YouTube video, add some visual interest to a corporate presentation, or add a touch of whimsy to a family vacation montage, the Animated Sketches plug-in is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that will help you take your videos to the next level.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Animated Sketches for free!



Oblivious Frog RGB Transitions

Oblivious Frog RGB Transitions

Dynamic Channel Based Transitions

Oblivious Frog RGB Transitions is a pack of 40 different transitions based on RGB channels. Each of the categories offers a variety of transition styles, making it easy to find the perfect effect for your video.

What sets this pack apart is that each transition divides the video into the red, green, and blue channels, and makes the switch. Plus, this pack includes a customizable RGB offset slider and an invert direction button for even more creative control.

So, whether you’re a professional video editor or a beginner, this pack of 40 transitions for Final Cut Pro X is the perfect tool for creating dynamic, eye-catching videos that will wow your audience.

Learn MoreTry Oblivious Frog RGB Transitions for free!



Rowie Newsframe

Rowie Newsframe

Create News Bulletin Graphics with Ease

Rowie NewsFrame is a modular effect tool for reproducing news bulletin-style graphics directly in Final Cut Pro.

Easily reproduce the dynamic news graphics seen in major news network broadcasts. Newsframe is also great for Vlog, Podcasts & Groupcall presentations.

NewsFrame includes a powerful custom framing tool for endless possibilities and creativity. Also included is a full set of title graphics and animated looping backgrounds.

Learn MoreTry Rowie Newsframe for free!



Motion Galaxy Whiteboard Universe

Motion Galaxy Whiteboard Universe

Create Whiteboard Style Animations

Motion Galaxy Whiteboard Universe is a set of video templates designed to help you create engaging and professional whiteboard videos.

With Whiteboard Universe, you'll have access to a set of 8 different backgrounds, 3 effects, 12 hand-drawn signs, 4 drop zones for objects, 7 post-its, 13 hand-drawn shapes, 8 customizable texts, 5 transitions, and 6 whiteboards - everything you need to create high-quality whiteboard videos.

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced editor or just starting out - Whiteboard Universe is easy to use and comes with simple instructions to help you get started quickly. With this product, you'll be able to create amazing videos that will keep your audience engaged and entertained from start to finish.

Don't waste any more time trying to create whiteboard videos from scratch. With Whiteboard Universe, all you need to do is choose the elements you want to use and start creating your impressive videos. Try it now and start surprising your audience!

Learn MoreTry Motion Galaxy Whiteboard Universe for free!



Century Creatives Cosmos

Century Creatives Cosmos

Space-themed overlays, titles and lower-thirds

Go deep into the far reaches of outer space with Century Creatives Cosmos. Create complex animations between distinct worlds. From pre-made templates of animated graphics such as titles, lower thirds, callouts and 3D animations of celestial bodies, users can easily create compelling videos that cover complex universe concepts. The package is highly customizable and suitable for various types of videos about space and technology.

Learn MoreTry Century Creatives Cosmos for free!



Century Creatives Trip Highlights

Century Creatives Trip Highlights

Travel-themed animated templates

Make your travels even more memorable with the travel slideshow templates in Century Creatives Trip Highlights. With professional travel-themed designs and animations, this template allows you to create stunning travel presentations with ease. Customize each module with your own images and videos.

Learn MoreTry Century Creatives Trip Highlights for free!


Note: All of these products require FxFactory to run, which is a free download.


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