New: 3 New FxFactory FxPacks from PremiumVFX and Luca Visual FX

fxfactory new packs

We’ve added 3 new FCPX plug-ins to the ever growing FxFactory product listings: 2 are from Premium VFX and 1 from Luca Visual FX.  Plus, Stupid Raisins Logo Pop v2 is now available, with 60 fresh logo animations.

3 New FxFactory Products

PremiumVFX Essential StoriesPremiumVFX Essential Stories

Calls to action, backgrounds, titles and transitions to power up your stories

Essential Stories is the ultimate social media tools, with 105 templates of stories, call-to-actions, titles, transitions, split screens and backgrounds.

Fast render and easy to use, works in horizontal and vertical aspect ratios.

How to use it? Just drag and drop your favorite templates to your Final Cut Pro timeline. Easy as it appears.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Essential Stories for free!



PremiumVFX Big TitlesPremiumVFX Big Titles

Powerful titles to engage your audience

Using PremiumVFX Big Titles, you will call your audience attention easily with 30 big beautiful templates.

Easy to use, you just need to drag and drop the templates to your timeline. Try it for free.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Big Titles for free!



Luca Visual FX Image FragmentsLuca Visual FX Image Fragments

Image Fragments is a set of 6 templates for Final Cut Pro that allow to split a single clip in animated image fragments that can be customized and stylized in many ways. Create circular, triangular or straight image sections that fragment your original clip or title in order to create stylish motion graphics.

Learn MoreTry Luca Visual FX Image Fragments for free!



Stupid Raisins Logo Pop for FCPXStupid Raisins Logo Pop for FCPX

60 fresh logo animations

Logo Pop gives you the power to create attractive, moving logos that will make your clients sit up, pay attention and spread the word about your amazing commercials.

Logo Pop is a sneaky little ace up your sleeve because who’d think corporate branding and symbols can look super fly with such little effort?

With 60 fresh logo animations, you’ll have so many choices and styles to revamp and glam up bland corporate symbols for your clients.

Learn MoreTry Stupid Raisins Logo Pop for FCPX for free!


Note: All of these products require FxFactory to run, which is a Free Demo!


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Posted by Kim Sternisha