New: 5 New FxFactory FX Packs from Stupid Raisins, PremiumVFX & Cineflare

5 new fxfactory packs

We’ve added 5 new packs to the FxFactory family of products.  Get shape shifting dynamic transitions with Cineflare Shape Shifter; make animated countdowns and more with PremiumVFX Countdown; create product ads and promotions with PremiumVFX Sales Tools; get analog video looks with Stupid Raisins VHS Pop; put your talking head into a picture frame with Stupid Raisins Frame Pop.

Some of these products even have special intro pricing!

PremiumVFX CountdownPremiumVFX Countdown

Animated Countdowns, Top 10 Lists and Rankings

With PremiumVFX Countdown, you can make countdowns and count-ups, rankings, lists, step-by-step videos, reviews and much more with 65 templates.

A multitude of possibilities, you choose the topic. Effortless workflow and intuitive customization.

Just drag and drop to use.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Countdown for free!



PremiumVFX Sales ToolsPremiumVFX Sales Tools

Helps you create product ads and promotions

PremiumVFX Sales Tools is an effective pack of sales and advertising tools.

Get 60 sales tags, titles, infobars, pop-ups, picture-in-pictures and other advertising templates to promote any type of product.

Easy to use, you just need to drag and drop any template to your FCP timeline to use it.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Sales Tools for free!



Stupid Raisins Frame PopStupid Raisins Frame Pop

25 Picture frames for talking heads and commentary videos

Reboot your frame game in talking head and face-to-camera commentary videos with Frame Pop’s animated frames! Frame Pop comes with professionally designed and animated picture-in-picture templates plus 3 bonus backgrounds for Final Cut Pro. With Frame Pop you’ll be in the frame for that next gig AND an Oscar. Download the free trial today!

Learn MoreTry Stupid Raisins Frame Pop for free!



Stupid Raisins VHS PopStupid Raisins VHS Pop

26 Analog video looks from the VHS era

Create cool and trendy VHS-vibe videos with VHS Pop!

Bring back retro, vintage and old school feels with VHS Pop’s titles, effects and transitions. Create pleasant, powerful and emotionally provoking throwback videos full of nostalgia and memories for your clients, viewers and audience. VHS Pop’s authentic VCR vintage look-and-feel is rad perfect for all kinds of videos – memories, commercials, sports, social media, slide shows, trailers, home movies and YouTube! Be kind. Rewind to the good ‘ol days with VHS Pop! Download the free trial today!

Learn MoreTry Stupid Raisins VHS Pop for free!


Cineflare Shape ShifterCineflare Shape Shifter

Shapeshifting dynamic transitions

Shape Shifter is a dynamic title layer transitions tool. It comes with over 30 pre-loaded shapes with an option to add text or your own custom image to any of the templates! Plus, the in and out animations come with some impressive effect controls.

Learn MoreTry Cineflare Shape Shifter for free!




Note: All of these products require FxFactory to run, which is a Free Demo!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha