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New: 8 New FxFactory FX Packs are Now Available + Special Intro Pricing

8 fxfactory packs

We’ve added 8 new packs to the FxFactory family of products from PremiumVFX, Luca Visual FX, Century Creatives, omotion and new creators Rowie Graphics, BearDog FX and Reckon. These plug-ins are great for creating titles, color grading, graphic animations and more.  And they all have special introductory pricing, for a limited time.

Century Creatives Movie Titles

Century Creatives Movie Titles

Cinematic Titles Inspired by Major Productions

Century Creatives Movie Titles is a collection of titles and tools that will help you achieve cinematic-looking results. There are several categories inspired by major productions, and you can change everything from appearance to animation speed, to suit any project.

Learn MoreTry Century Creatives Movie Titles for free!


omotion Dynamic Showreel

omotion Dynamic Showreel

Modular Slideshow Builder

omotion Dynamic Showreel is a modular opener template that features a dynamic and modern design. Create eye-catching, energetic video intros or openers in no time. Easy to use and super flexible due to its modular structure.

Learn MoreTry omotion Dynamic Showreel for free!


Luca Visual FX Auto-Underlined Text

Luca Visual FX Auto-Underlined Text

Automatically Add Stylized Underlines and Backgrounds

Luca Visual FX Auto-Underlined Text creates automatically generated and stylized text underlines, backgrounds and even speech bubbles.

There are two overall types of effects offered by this new product, they both come with lots of variations. Automatic Underlined Text, which you can use for animated titles. The “automatic” means the underline automatically sizes with the text as you edit it. The second is Automatic Text Background , where the background automatically sizes with the text you add. Auto-Underlined Text plugin is ideal for titles, subtitles, description text, slogans, viral videos, demos and more. The plugin includes a customizable speech bubble preset too.

Learn MoreTry Luca Visual FX Auto-Underlined Text for free!


PremiumVFX Smart LUTs

PremiumVFX Smart LUTs

60 popular color grading looks for instant results

PremiumVFX Smart LUTs is a color grading tools for Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Apple Motion that gives results in one-click.

Very easy to use, just drag and drop to your media and customize if it needs. Get awesome instant results.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Smart LUTs for free!


PremiumVFX Retro Titles

PremiumVFX Retro Titles

Add a Vintage Look to your Videos

PremiumVFX Retro Titles can instantly add a vintage look in your videos.

This plugin is a pack of 30 professionally designed and animated retro themed titles. In a need for that old school feeling in your videos? So this plugin is made for you.

It's very easy to use; just drag and drop to your timeline and customize it the way you want.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Retro Titles for free!


Rowie Chatterbox

Rowie Chatterbox

Instant Messaging Toolkit

Chatterbox by Rowie is an Instant Messaging tool kit for Final Cut Pro. It offers automatic scrolling and duration controls in multiple chat styles, allowing you to create eye-catching instant message animations quickly.

Learn MoreTry Rowie Chatterbox for free!


Reckon Bullseye

Reckon Bullseye

Keep Your Subjects Front and Center

Keep your subjects front and center with Bullseye by Reckon. This set of advanced tracking effects for Final Cut Pro puts the focus on your subjects and adds a bit of action to your timeline.

Tell your story by focusing on a person or an object, with countless applications: sports and competitions, wildlife, aerial footage, parties or music events.

It’s like having a second camera that followed the subject meticulously. The effects zoom in on your subject and keeps it at a fixed position.

Learn MoreTry Reckon Bullseye for free!


BearDog FX Guitar Chords

BearDog FX Guitar Chords

Add Guitar and Ukulele Chords to your videos

BearDog FX Guitar Chords lets you easily add guitar or ukulele chords to you Final Cut Pro X videos as a visual effect or teaching aid.

There are style presets for both guitar and ukulele, in addition to a default template for each instrument. You can simply drop the effect onto your clip or you can go to the Generators browse under BearDogFX Guitar Chords and attach the Add Effect generator to your clip where you want the chord. This will work as an adjustment layer so you can move chords around as needed. Guitar Chords is a unique effect that will save you time and make you look like a guitar or ukulele hero to your clients or audience.

Learn MoreTry BearDog FX Guitar Chords for free!


Note: All of these products require FxFactory to run, which is a Free Download!

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