New: ABSoft Neat Video v5 is Now Available

absoft neat video 5

Neat Video has been given an overhaul to improve its performance while adding new visual feedback features and adjustable generic profiles helping to achieve great results easier and faster.

Neat Video

Neat Video is a digital filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain found in footage from digital video cameras, DSLRs, TV-tuners and even digitized film or VHS. Neat Video is available as a plug-in for many popular video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and more.

What’s new in Neat Video 5?

Significant Speed Improvements

The Neat Video 5’s noise reduction engine is more efficient and makes better use of the available processing power. As a result, Neat Video processes video frames faster across the board, with up to 3.5 times speed improvement on certain systems. Actual speedup depends on CPU, GPU and OS used:

  • CPU-based processing
    • Up to 1.5x faster
  • GPU-based processingWindows and Linux
    • 1 GPU:   Up to 3.5x faster (2.2x average)
    • 2 GPUs: Up to 2x faster (1.6x average)


    • 1 GPU:   Up to 2x faster (1.6x average)
    • 2 GPUs: Up to 2x faster (1.7x average)

As measured in Neat Video 5 running with the filter settings matching those of Neat Video 4.

For more benchmarks and more hardware-specific details, check out history of changes.

You can quickly check the speed achievable by Neat Video 5 on your computer by downloading and running NeatBench 5.

Cleaner, Crisper Video

Neat Video 5 has improved the way frames are analysed and processed, which has resulted in a general improvement of noise reduction quality. Neat Video 5 also adds some powerful new features to deal with common imperfections in video.

  • Flicker reduction
    Flicker is a distracting repeated change of brightness. Neat Video 5 includes new advanced flicker filters that can detect and reduce this problem for a more consistent look
  • Jitter reduction (jitter of details)
    Jitter of details is the distracting trembling of the objects in the scene seemingly distorted by heat haze. This problem is usually caused by video compression. Neat Video 5’s jitter filter detects and combats this effect to create smoother, more natural video.
  • Improved noise reduction
    Reducing digital noise and film grain can be significantly complicated by presence of other imperfections such as flicker and jitter of details. Neat Video 5 uses its new flicker- and jitter-related tools to take into account and where possible reduce those imperfections to make the reduction of regular random noise and grain more accurate. All that together helps to eliminate more noise and retain more details than ever before.
  • Improved sharpening
    Neat Video 5 adds new controls and makes improvements to the already sophisticated sharpening tool. It has been further refined to help users give their clips more definition and bring out the details without the features becoming unnatural or over-processed.
  • Improved Dust and Scratches filter
    Dust and scratches are unwanted contaminations often found on archive film. Detection of those contaminations may be complicated by other imperfections such as flicker also often found in film-based video. The new flicker reduction tools of Neat Video 5 work together with the Dust and Scratches filter. Their synergy allows to identify and eliminate dust and scratches even more proficiently.

More User-Friendly than Ever

The Neat Video team has spent a great deal of time and effort to help users achieve better results easier and faster. As a result, Neat Video 5 has introduced several new features that make the plug-in more user-friendly and efficient.

  • Easier profiling
    Neat Video 5 automatically obtains a better noise sample by using a larger number of frames for analysis — leading to more accurate noise profiles.
  • Adjustable generic profiles
    Creating an accurate noise profile is the first step in quality noise reduction. Where possible, it’s best to build a noise profile using the very clip that needs to be denoised. Since this is not always possible, Neat Video 5 has introduced adjustable generic profiles to help you create a noise profile when the actual clip contains no suitable areas for analysis. This feature offers a good starting point and allows to easily tune the profile to more closely match the actual noise in the clip you’re working with.
  • New visual feedback tools
    Neat Video 5 includes new visual feedback tools helping to adjust filter settings and achieve the best visual results. Specialized visual representations help to tune the amount of filtration applied. New masks help to find the areas that do not receive sufficient treatment.
  • New playback features
    Want to see how the noise reduction results will look like in action? You can! With a new playback feature, Neat Video 5 gives you a live view of the final result directly in plug-in window. Allowing you to experiment and make changes before applying your final settings.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha