New at Toolfarm: 3 After Effects Plug-ins – Reka Grid, BlenderAE, Workflower are Now Available

3 new AE products

We’ve added 3 very handy After Effects Plug-ins to our listings.  Irrealix Reka Grid is the Ultimate Grid Tool for AE.  Salt Media BlenderAE connects Blender and After Effects. Constantin Maier Workflower brings some missing essentials to After Effects.  Plus save 25% with special intro pricing, but only for today, August 27, 2021.

Reka GridReka Grid

Cyber Sale - Save 25% - Ends December 3rd 2021

Ultimate Grid Tool for AE

Reka Grid is a powerful After Effects Plug-in with a lot of features to customize and animate grids. Each point of the grid is represented by an instance of a parametric shape. Shape can be Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Star, “Y” or “X”. Any parameter of this shape can be adjusted and animated with noise or custom layers.

MSRP: $49.00 SALE: $37.00

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Cyber Sale - Save 25% - Ends December 3rd 2021

Connect Blender to After Effects

Connect, select and export 3D object and scene data from Blender to After Effects!

MSRP: $30.00 SALE: $22.50

Learn MoreTry BlenderAE for free!




Cyber Sale - Save 25% - Ends December 3rd 2021

Missing Essentials for After Effects

Annoyed by messy After Effects comps? With Workflower, you can create layer groups within your comp, as well as use other workflow-enhancing tools, like adjustment layers to selected layers only, layer cloning, or matte merging.

MSRP: $65.00 SALE: $48.75

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Posted by Kim Sternisha