New at Toolfarm: ePhere Ornatrix for 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D are Now Available

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Toolfarm is proud to carry ePhere Ornatrix, the hair, fur, and feather grooming and animation software for 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Hair and fur has been one of the biggest problems in CG since the problem was first studied in 1980’s. Since then many strives have been made in simulating realistic hair.

The purpose of Ornatrix is to bring you (the user) as close to achieving perfect results as possible with putting the technical side of things inside. So leave your skepticism and frustrations behind, put on your hairdresser hat (if you have one), and let your imagination and inner stylist roam free. The main purpose behind Ornatrix is to make it as much fun for the user to explore the art of virtual hairdressing as possible.

Ornatrix for 3ds Max

It is our best creation for hair, fur, and feathers yet!

  • New and improved brushing workflow
  • New powerful hair physics
  • Greatly improved pipeline tools
  • Render farm points and discounts

Ornatrix for 3ds Max supports the following renderers:

V-Ray, Redshift, finalRender, Maxwell Render, Krakatoa, Octane Render, NVidia Mental Ray, FStormRender and Arnold.

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Ornatrix for Maya

A complete hair, fur, and feather solution is now on Maya!

  • Non-destructive hair pipeline
  • Artist-friendly grooming tools
  • Fits Maya like a glove
  • Rich multi-purpose toolset
  • Render farm points and discounts

Ornatrix is a commercial plugin for Autodesk Maya created, maintained, and distributed by Ephere Inc. . With it installed, Maya acquires new functionality allowing user-friendly creation, modeling, management, animation, and rendering of computer generated hair, fur, feathers, and other scattered primitives such as foliage.

Ornatrix builds on existing workflows inside Maya to create a seamless environment which is familiar to Maya users. It also works together with built-in components like nHair and Xgen to boost their functionality.

Ornatrix for Maya supports the following renderers:

Nearly all Maya native and 3rd party renderers such as Arnold, V-Ray, Maxwell, Renderman, and Redshift are supported.

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Ornatrix for Cinema 4D

Superior hair, fur, and feathers in Cinema 4D

  • Procedural grooming workflow
  • Powerful hair physics
  • Industry leading pipeline tools
  • Intuitive integration

Ornatrix is a complete hair, fur, and feather creation, animation, and rendering solution for Maxon Cinema 4D. It integrates closely as a part of Cinema 4D to allow an intuitive and easy to learn approach for grooming characters and creation various fiber and scattering effects.

Ornatrix for Cinema 4D supports the following renderers:

V-Ray, Redshift, Octane Renderer.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha