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New at Toolfarm: Initial Audio Products are Now Available

initial audio

Toolfarm is proud to now carry Initial Audio products, high-quality VST & AU compatible audio plug-ins for Hiphop, Trap, Drill and More.  Initial Audio provides modern Producers with everything they need to create Hits! Try a demo today.

Here’s a small sample of what Initial Audio has to offer.  Click the Browse all button to view the full product line.

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Initial Audio 808 Studio

Initial Audio 808 Studio

Bass Synth

808 Studio 2 was designed for cutting edge quality 808 sub bass. Perfect for hip hop and trap or any genre that requires a hard hitting bass synth.

With 808 studio 2 we went one step further by adding advanced features such as drag and drop modulation for advanced synthesis, and an advanced sequencer which allows overlapping notes to get that classic pitch glide effect used in trap music. 808 Studio 2 could inspire your next beat just by hitting one key.

808 Studio 2 can now also load samples, drag and drop onto the sampler or select from the many Kick and 808 samples included.

Learn MoreTry Initial Audio 808 Studio for free!


Initial Audio Analog Pro

Initial Audio Analog Pro

Lofi Effect Plugin

Initial Audio Analog Pro is a Lo-fi effect plug-in the recreates the warmth and saturation of a turntable or tape playback.

Analog Pro brings life to your digital audio by simulating the way Analog hardware such as tape machines, valves and vinyl turntables warm up and saturate your audio. We recreated the imperfections of playing back audio from a Tape or a turntable via the Wow and Flutter controls. Analog Pro has a variety of user-adjustable controls including Noise Level, Noise Type, Impulse Type, Impulse Mix, Emphasis, Stereo, Lowcut, Highcut, Wow, Flutter and Amount, giving plenty of scope for the user to adjust the sound to their liking.

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Initial Audio AR1

Initial Audio AR1

Quality Algorithmic Reverb Plugin

Initial Audio AR1 is an algorithmic reverb plugin designed to sound great on all types of instruments.

AR1 sounds amazing on Pianos, Bells, Guitars, and Vocals, but also on more synthetic sounds like Synthesizer leads. We have tweaked and tested for thousands of hours to get this sounding just right for any sound source you care to throw at it. A Reverb plugin is used to make instruments sound like they are being played in a real place (Hall, Stadium etc) , an algorithmic (ie real-time) reverb has to recreate this very convincingly or it will just sound “wrong” or fake. AR1 Reverb gives you the ability to create a space of your liking with very simple-to-use controls. We want this to be your go-to plugin for quality reverberation. AR1 sounds great and is easy to use with a high-definition interface that is pleasing to work with. Be sure to try the demo and see for yourself.

Learn MoreTry Initial Audio AR1 for free!


Initial Audio Boost X

Initial Audio Boost X

Dynamic Saturation

Boost X is a dynamic Saturation and Overdrive plug-in that adds warmth to your mixes through the addition of extra harmonics.

Many other Saturation/Overdrive plugins use a static (stateless) algorithm that doesn’t change depending on the audio passed through. These effects rely on a gain boost, when the audio hits a certain threshold then Saturation is applied. They are either on or off and the amount of saturation is heavily dependent on the loudness of the audio passed into them.

Boost X is different, it reacts to the input audio and applies the perfect amount of saturation at the current loudness. This means even quiet sounds can be overdriven without any gain in loudness. Boost-X also compensates for perceived loudness, bringing the loudness down even further so you get nice rich harmonics added to your sound, without destroying the balance of your mix.

Learn MoreTry Initial Audio Boost X for free!


Initial Audio Dynamic Delay

Initial Audio Dynamic Delay

Delay Plugin

Get the perfect delay in less time than ever before with Initial Audio Dynamic Delay.

Dynamic Delay is exactly what it says, a Dynamic Delay Plugin. It has an internal side chain which ducks the loudness of the generated delays. Once the input audio goes below the threshold the delays can be heard clearly. This is a trick many professional producers use, but takes time to set up in your signal chain and usually requires a separate side chain compressor. Dynamic Delay brings this technique into one easy to use plugin saving time and money.

Learn MoreTry Initial Audio Dynamic Delay for free!


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