New at Toolfarm: LookLabs Super Bundle (SpeedLooks & DFS) is Now Available

looklabs super bundle

Toolfarm has offered LookLabs Speedlooks Complete and DFS Complete for years, but now you can get them both and save, with the Super Bundle. Get all the flexibility and the tools you’ll ever need to create that prefect grade for your next project.

SpeedLooks Complete

Look creation for film and video has never been easier, more creative or flexible

LookLab’s LOG and Linear SpeedLooks have been combined into one afforLookLabs’dable package. SpeedLooks are designed by industry professionals for cinematographers, editors and colorists to achieve the character and beauty of 35mm film, all with the click of a button. SpeedLooks works with all DSLR, Mirrorless and digital cinema cameras, as well as editing and color grading programs on the market. SpeedLooks Complete includes our 6 main categories and all variants; Clean, Big, Blue, Gold, Matrix and Artistic. In total you get over 50 variants for one low price.

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DFS Complete

Film is back…with a vengeance

DFS instantly gives you the natural look of film and the most flexible set of LUTs on the market. The DFS bundle includes 19 LUTs that perfectly emulate the most popular Kodak and Fuji film stocks. DFS comes in both REC.709 and LOG video formats and all SpeedLooks camera patches work with today’s most popular digital cinema and mirrorless cameras. DFS even makes your Android videos look like film! Scroll down to the bottom of this page and view the before and after examples from this package.

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Super Bundle

You get SpeedLooks Complete and DFS Complete for an amazing price of $159 – a $208 dollar value – you save 25%. Now you’ll have all the flexibility and the tools you’ll ever need to create that prefect grade for your next project.

Products LOOKLABS LUTs Supports

DaVinci Resolve (Full & Lite), Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CS6/CC, Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC, Final Cut Pro X, Avid MC 7, Shake, Pandora Revolution/Pixi, CineForm Studio Premium, Nuke, Scratch, Film Master, Quantel Pablo, BaseLight, Motion 5

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Posted by Kim Sternisha