New: Audified ToneSpot Voice Pro is Now Available + Special Intro Pricing

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Audified ToneSpot Voice Pro is the all-in-one vocal mixing tool, which will make your voice sit in the track perfectly.

Best vocal mix spotted easily!

ToneSpot Voice Pro only $49!  Sale ends December 23, 2019

The Swiss Army Knife of mixing your vocal tracks. Designed to fit all musical genres from vintage to modern.

The ToneSpot Voice pro consists of ten powerful modules plus the input and output sections. They represent the usual vocal mix workflow and the signal is fed through them in series from left to right. Each module can be turned ON and OFF separately.

  • Character – Determines the basic flavor of the sound and reprograms many of the following sections.
  • Distortion – Real valve distortion circuit based on a vintage guitar amp, perfect for i.e. extreme voice techniques.
  • Saturation – An advanced model of a real valve saturation circuit that has a nice higher harmonics punch.
  • DeEssAir – Get rid of unwanted sibilance in your voice and add some air back at the same time.
  • Shaping – Shape your tone with the 8-band musically labeled EQ.
  • Punch – Punch is quite a strong compressor with slower attack time and a medium compression ratio.
  • Surgery – An extreme surgical peak EQ with 2 identical filters and up to -50 db attenuation.
  • Smash – A peak-eating leveling compressor with faster attack time and a gentle compression ratio.
  • Effects – The two most important time-based effects for the vocal processing job – delay and reverb.
  • Finalizer – This is the mastering section of your chain. Sometimes the voice needs a final touch, some sweetness or fatness.
  • AGC – An automatic gain control included in both input and output sections. It sets the signal level to the plug-in’s 0 dBVU.
ToneSpot Voice Pro only $49!  Sale ends December 23, 2019
MSRP: $89.00  SALE: $49.00

Posted by Kim Sternisha