New: Audified VocalMint Compressor is Now Available

vocalmint compressor

Audified has released the second product in the VocalMint series: VocalMint Compressor, a one knob multi-stage compressor for voice.

About the Vocal Mint Series

The VocalMint plug-in series delivers top-notch professional voice tools packed in intuitive “no learning curve” interface.  The series so far consists of VocalMint Saturator and VocalMint Compressor.

audified vocalmint compressorVocalMint Compressor

Take a mint and get noticed

Have you ever wondered how to build up a complete compression chain for any vocal track in only one move?

With VocalMint Compressor you can do it. This plug-in consists of 3 different & cleverly pre-tuned compressors, including a special analog-like stage based on the model of a real valve. The last two stages introduce a subtle tone-shaping, too.

  • Designed specially for voice
  • Multi-stage compression chain
  • Contains an exact model of a valve
  • Intuitive one knob solution
  • Perfect for radio broadcasts & podcasters
  • Super-fast results

MSRP: $79.00  SALE: $75.05

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Posted by Kim Sternisha