New: Basefount Animcraft is Now Available

basefount animcraft featured

Basefount Animcraft is a 3D animation sharing & productivity application that lets you turn animations into long-term assets and deploy them quickly into a variety of projects.  It currently works with any bipedal characters, with quadrupedal compatibility coming soon.

Re-Define the Value of Animation with Animcraft

Animcraft allows stable motion transfer between any bipedal characters based on keyframe and controllers, regardless of the variations in the skeletal hierarchy, rigs, figures and, 3D applications.  Animations will become visible, manageable and reusable assets that accelerate your animation production.

Animcraft comes with smart character and motion library, character retargeting tool for importing and exporting, 3D features and real-time viewport, comprehensive formats reader, writer and converter.

Support popular DCC software and follow industrial standards. Seamless integration to your current pipeline.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha