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blace plugins i ate mushrooms

Blace Plugins I Ate Mushrooms is an After Effects plug-in that is is a neural network based image and noise generator, allowing the user to create bizarre and abstract animations.  Try it today!

 I Ate Mushrooms I Ate Mushrooms

I Ate Mushrooms is a neural network based image and noise generator for After Effects. It allows the user to create bizarre, abstract and hypnotizing animations. It's really trippy! Try it today.

I Ate Mushrooms Features

  • Many categories - Use up to 1000 base categories of objects and living beings to feed your creation with.
  • Latent interpolation - Interpolate between different objects in the latent space of the neural network and discover the hidden relation of things.
  • Loopable - All generations are fully loopable. You can even use custom noise maps to drive the randomness of your creations.
  • Object fusion - Fuse images from different categories to create weird new objects
  • Abstract art - Modify your creations with several parameters to discover the abstract corners of the neural network.
  • Combine with other effects - Use creations from the plugin as base for other effects. It’s basically an extremely diverse noise generator.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha