New: Blue Cat’s Re-Head Plug-In For Headphones Released

Blue Cat's Re-Head Plug-In For Headphones Released

Blue Cat’s Re-Head, the brand new plug-in created to make using headphones easier for musicians and audio professionals, is now available for purchase!

Listening through headphones gives a distinctly different experience compared to listening through studio monitors. Furthermore, prolonged use of headphones can be fatiguing. These are the problems that Re-Head solves for you!

Get Blue Cat’s Re-Head at a special introduction price (30% off) until June 14th!

Blue Cat's Re-HeadBlue Cat’s Re-Head

Introduction price! 30% off until June 14.

Mixing room experience with headphone convenience

Enjoy studio monitor sound in your headphones with Blue Cat Re-Head, a unique head-response plugin.

Re-Head uses a head response model to recreate the effect of your head and skull on the audio coming in from your speakers. Together with stereo processing, impulse response treatment, EQ, and more, Re-Head takes care of the most common problems associated with headphone use in professional work: unnatural sound and ear fatigue.
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Posted by Michele Yamazaki