New: BOOM Library Brute Force Now Available

boom libraqry brute force sale

BOOM Library has just released Brute Force, a collection of powerful and aggressive sound elements to push the limits.  Plus, get it now and save 20% with special intro pricing.  Sale ends August 21, 2021.

BOOM Library Brute ForceBOOM Library Brute Force

Aggressive Sound Elements To Push The Limits

The testament of a powerful sound is in its intricate composition. Layered to perfection, a sound emerges and envelopes, shaking the foundations of our existence. With this library, use the massive impacts, rattles, and screams on their own or layer them with your sounds to make a bigger, more complex and savage sonic experience.

Dial In The Aggression

BRUTE FORCE delivers in-your-face sound design packed with a yet unheard explosive energy. This collection of carefully hand-crafted sounds was developed and guided by our best sound designers. The intention was to dial up the impact of any project and leave the audience reeling. Each one of these bellicose sound effects will rattle the windows and shake the earth.

Deliver That Crushing Blow

Your game or video will fall flat without good, powerful, quality sound effects. This pack will deliver that energy that you need to bring your audience into a truly immersive experience.

Layers Of Total Destruction

The impacts, squeals, and whooshes are designed to be used as layers. When your sounds just aren’t big enough, dip into this library to make them bigger than big and get truly nasty with these over-compressed sounds, giving your base sounds the right boost to cut through the mix.

MSRP: $119.00 SALE: $95.20

Sale ends August 21, 2021

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Want more Sound FX?

Brute Force is also available as part of The Complete BOOM Basics, The Complete BOOM Ultimate or The Complete BOOM Ultimate – 3D Surround.

And BOOM Library has 65 different sound effects collections.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha