New: BOOM Library Cinematic Metal – Titan is Now Available

boom library cinematic metal titan

BOOM Library Cinematic Metal – Titan sounds massive from start to finish. Supplement your designs with detailed, high-end metallic sounds. And right now you can save 20% with special introductory pricing!

Cinematic Metal – Titan

20% Off Special Introductory Pricing.  Limited Time Only!

Dangerous. Relentless. Inevitable.

CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN pushes big screen sound design beyond its comfort zone. New and unheard HITS, BRAAMS, BOOMS, IMPACTS, STINGERS and much more await you in the comprehensive Construction Kit and devastating Designed edition. Get over 12GB worth of clean, dazzling sound effects.  Available as individual components as well as layered, processed and ready to use.

cinematic metal titanCinematic Metal – Titan Construction Kit


CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN sounds massive from start to finish. This Construction Kit in particular starts off with an unusual amount of kick. While foley and other, more meticulous applications are certainly possible, the main purpose here is to bring out the big guns and stomp any hint of moderation into the ground.


Supplement your designs with detailed, high-end metallic sounds. The Construction Kit allows you to build unique, multi-accent effects that not only impress in scale, but also in fidelity, rhythm and character. This library particularly shines in situations, where the visible picture doesn’t necessarily produce the envisioned sound, but warrants its own supernatural emphasis.

MSRP: $179.00  SALE: $143.00

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cinematic metal titan designedCinematic Metal – Titan Designed


Optimized for trailers, action scenes, in-game cinematics and special effects, the Designed edition brings fresh and exciting sounds to the table.

Discover the force of aggressive, low, soft, processed, clean and tonal HITS, BRAAMS, IMPACTS, SCREECHES, STINGERS and SLAMS.


Paint a sense of dread and awe – CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN Designed can evoke fear of the unknown but just as easily kick into rampage mode: Empowered, ready for battle and thirsty for revenge. Find your perfect blend of haunting thriller and jacked, gritty anti-hero.

MSRP: $119.00  SALE: $95.00

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cinematic metal titan bundleCinematic Metal – Titan Bundle – The best of both worlds at a discounted price.

The Bundle gives you the full sound design power as it contains both – the DESIGNED and the CONSTRUCTION KIT edition at a discounted price.

MSRP: $249.00 SALE: $199.20

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