New: BOOM Library LiftFX is Now Available + 20% Off Special Intro Pricing

boom library liftfx

The new LiftFX from BOOM Library lets you awe your audience with risers, build-ups, drops and more.  With just the turn of a knob it has never been so easy to hype your audience.


Rise to the Emotional Center of Music and Sound with LiftFX

20% Off Special Intro Pricing. Ends August 29, 2019

Build-Ups and risers are core parts of modern music and trailer productions. They’re essential as it is them who catch you and generate an unstoppable tension over time, crawling upwards from the stomach to the chest, culminating in an irrepressible peak that can move a whole stadium of people. LiftFX will help you achieve just that.

  • Playable, clean and easy to learn
  • 275 unique presets to get you started:
    • Risers, downlifters – both tonal and noise-based and everything in between.
    • Bass drops.
    • Rhythmic and percussive builds.
    • Basic and more complex designs.
    • Bonus FX.
  • Full Control: Any direction, duration, tempo
  • Manipulate parameters with Automation and Modwheel

MSRP: $89.00  SALE: $71.20

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LiftFX at a Glance

  • Playable in real-time with instant auditive and visual feedback
  • Any length, tempo, pitch range and root note possible
  • Tempo sync or time (s) duration
  • Control key parameters independently or automatically (+ reversed)
  • Automation and modwheel (cc1) support for each parameter
  • 275 nifty presets included
  • Optional time lock and control lock to try different presets with current setting
  • High cut and low cut filters, reverb and delay
  • Lightweight plug-in, as it relies on synthesis
  • Build captivating uplifters, downlifters, drops, rhythmic, percussive builds and more effects out of the box
  • Any electronic genre such as EDM, Trap, Dubstep, Pop, Hip Hop, Drum’n’Bass, House, Techno, and more
  • Cinematic and experimental sound design
  • Beef up your synthesizers with tonal layers or harmonic overtones to achieve a fat, rich sound

LiftFX requires a free iLok account.

Posted by Kim Sternisha