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New: BOOM Library Medieval Melee is Now Available

boom library medieval melee sfx library

The new BOOM Library MEDIEVAL MELEE sound effects library captures all the clashing of steel and raw, bone-crunching gore of Medieval combat.  From hammers crushing skulls to swords hacking limbs, the medieval period was one of the most brutal in history.

Feel the bloody brutality of Medieval combat.  BOOM Library MEDIEVAL MELEE captures all the clashing of steel and raw, bone-crunching gore in one of their largest-ever collections of sound effects.

All sounds were recorded either in the pristine sound environment of BOOM Library’s studios or onsite in the soot and heat of their sourced armourers. Sounds include various impacts, deflects, equips/un-equips, finishers and more.

This collection comes in 2 editions (Construction Kit & Designed), plus a bundle.

boom library medieval melee construction kitMedieval Melee Construction Kit


The ringing steel and bass-pounding thuds of this collection truly highlight the destructive power of medieval weaponry. With these sounds alone, the full, bloody brutality of combat can truly be felt, if not seen.


We used our trusted Sennheiser, Sanken CO-100K and Schoeps mics – to capture all the brutal, crushing detail of these cold iron masterpieces.


Medieval combat has never sounded more real. We traveled across Europe in search of a massive variety of weapons to slam into wood, steel, and more. We even used analogous materials to recreate the sounds of weaponry but in a much bigger, larger-than-life way.

Tech Specs

  • Files: 946
  • Sounds: 9,296
  • Size: 19.6 GB
  • Content Info: PDF  XLS
  • Format: WAV – 24bit – 96kHz / Windows + Mac

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boom library medieval melee designedMedieval Melee Designed


The awesome, deadly power of 10 different weapons and 2 shields – from axes to swords to war hammers is in your hands. Each weapon comes with 12 different files and each shield with 8 different files. Bodies and tails also come in separate files, to allow you to customize the audio wrath.


Fine Damascus steel was made with up to 300 layers of steel. Though not quite as complex as these notable blades, our sound designers cleaved into their creativity to forge new sounds and capture the truest edge of each weapon.


The GORE sounds of stabs and slices bring out the complete sound for the Designed pack. Perfect for video games where total immersion has become a requirement. These sounds have already been given the full, carnal power necessary to create that full Hollywood sound and are ready to use in your project without any further editing.

Tech Specs

  • Files: 145
  • Sounds: 870
  • Size: 2.38 GB
  • Content Info: PDF  XLS
  • Format: WAV – 24bit – 96kHz / Windows + Mac

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boom library medieval melee bundleMedieval Melee Bundle

THE BUNDLE – The best of both worlds at a discounted price.
The Bundle gives you the full range of clashing steel and bone-crunching gore as it contains both – the DESIGNED and the CONSTRUCTION KIT edition at a discounted price.

Tech Specs

  • Files: 1,091
  • Sounds: 10,166
  • Size: 22 GB
  • Construction Kit Content Info: PDF  XLS
  • Designed Content Info: PDF  XLS
  • Format WAV – 24bit – 96-192kHz / Windows + Mac

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Posted by Kim Sternisha