New: BOOM Library SoundWeaver, Advanced Audio Layering Tool, is Now Available

boom library soundweaver

BOOM Library SoundWeaver is an advanced audio layering tool that helps you design new sounds from existing audio material in less time.

(January 23rd,2020, Mainz, Germany) – BOOM Library, producer of high-quality sound effects and audio tools, released their brand-new standalone application SoundWeaver. It automates and randomizes certain parts of your sound design, resulting in a faster workflow, a highly inspirational overall process and in the use of your sound library in its entirety.
SoundWeaver searches your sound library with the help of keywords or folder paths and picks matching sounds for your project. Sounds are automatically sorted, grouped, layered, aligned and split into regions (if files contain multiple variations as with all BOOM Library sounds). Now you can pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and randomize individual sounds, groups or the whole project. Take snapshots of your favorite combinations and settings. Create as many snapshots as you like and return to them later in the process. Drag’n’drop the project into your DAW for further editing or export the final mix. SoundWeaver can generate countless variations from your project during export via pitch, offset and take randomization.

Key Features

  • SoundWeaver automatically picks, slices, aligns and layers sounds
  • The possibility to randomize everything results in inspirational and extraordinary sound combinations
  • Search by keywords, folders or simply drag’n’drop sound files
  • Pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and switch out individual sounds, groups or the whole project
  • Each of the previous parameters can be randomized.
  • Export: Drag’n’drop the project into your DAW
  • Export as: Individual layers, groups or mixdown
  • Export features: Generate variations using pitch, offset or random takes
  • Take snapshots and return to your favorite combinations, parameter settings and sounds at will


SoundWeaver is a standalone application and works without any host audio software.

Prices and availability:

SoundWeaver regular price is $199.00.

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About BOOM Library (www.boomlibrary.com)
The BOOM Library was founded in 2010 by award-winning audio guys from Dynamedion, the biggest European game audio studio based in Mainz, Germany.

The BOOM Library prides itself on providing high-end, ultimate sound libraries for all media and audio professionals. The products have this specific edge you will not find anywhere else: every collection comes with a 96 kHz high definition huge source library of their original recordings + a great variety of pre-designed SFX, ready to use.

For more than a decade, their sound libraries have travelled the multicolored world of films, series and gaming and left bright traces in projects such as “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” and “Fortnite” or trailers for “The Mandalorian”, “Battlefield V”, “Black Panther”, “La La Land”, “Rogue One” (…) – just to name a few. Both sound professionals and beginners appreciate the BOOM products. Each and every sound is high quality recorded and the libraries come for a very clear budget.

All BOOM Library products are royalty free – which means you get unlimited sync rights with every purchase. The mission is to provide top-notch sound effects and source recordings in high definition. All treated with great Sound Miner metadata, fast to use, easy to access and epic sounding: BOOM!

Posted by Kim Sternisha