New: BOOM Library Toolbox Sound FX Collection + Special Intro Pricing

boom library toolbox

BOOM Library Toolbox is a collection of sound effects focused on hand tools the likes of which you would find in a toolbox.  From hammers to ratchets, they’ve pounded out the right sounds for your SFX collection.  Get it now and save 20%.  Sale ends February 8, 2022.

BOOM Library ToolboxBOOM Library Toolbox

Toolbox Sound Effects, The Right Set of Tools

Never find yourself short of tools with this complete TOOLBOX. From hammers to ratchets, we’ve pounded out the right sounds for your SFX collection. Be the sharpest tool in the shed and use this set of tools sound effects to get the job done.

You can never have too many tools for sound design, whether rounding out a scene or layering and hammering out the perfect impact. This library is packed with over 250 files of manual tools, like hammers, ratchets, and screwdrivers, and manual motions, like chopping wood and smashing stones. Nearly 3 GB of sounds will add that extra umph, boom, or crack to give any sound that missing edge. You can be sure you’ll always have the sharpest tool in the shed.

What was recorded

We emptied our TOOLBOX to find everything we could to record: Hammers, Axes, Saws, Straps, Car Jacks, and more. Using a XY-Setup of two Sennheiser MKH 8040s and a MS-Setup with a Sennheiser MKH8050 and MKH30, we captured every rattle and smash we could make while keeping the recording as dry as possible.

MSRP: $69.00 SALE: $47.20

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complete boom ultimateBundle and Save

Skate is also available in the The Complete Boom Ultimate – 3D Surround, The Complete Boom Ultimate, and The Complete Boom Basic.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha