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New: BOOM Library World War II Firearms is Now Available

boom library wwii firearms

BOOM Library has just released World War II Firearms, the largest collection of WWII era weapon sound effects that includes shots and mechanical sounds from assault rifles and pistols.  Designed offers fully designed, ready to use sounds, the construction kit offers all the raw individual sounds, or get everything with the bundle.


boom library wwii firearms construction kitWorld War II Firearms Construction Kit


These were the weapons that defined the battles they were in. High-quality sounds of this grade and caliber are an absolute necessity for sound design in a game, film, movie, or podcast that broaches the subject of World War II, and will work for anything to do about guns – crime, sports, war, and so on. We’ve included 10 different shots for each gun, and, depending on the weapon, we have also recorded single, burst and fully automatic firing. This allows for maximum versatility for fast workflows.



The sounds were captured on a hill-top near a forest; the natural outdoor reverb providing ultra-crisp and full tails. With our array of modern mics – including shotguns to omnidirectional mics in AB, XY, ORTF configurations plus Ambisonics and ORTF 3D spatial audio setups – we were able to capture every sound in their full, rich intensity.


Not only were the firing sounds included, but also all the mechanical sounds as well. We recorded everything from reloading/changing magazines, pickups to cocking actions, and dryfire. We even managed to capture bipod sounds when the gun had one.


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boom library wwii firearms designedWorld War II Firearms Designed


With 25 of the most well-known World War II firearms, like the MG42 and the M1 Garand, this library is presented in stunningly crisp detail and character. With the Designed pack we went even further in creating for you the perfect, ready-to-use sounds.


Each shot was designed and processed with three styles to coax out different use-scenarios.

Mechanical: Close-up sounds a gun makes when firing; shots are light and subtle with short tails
Modern: Precise and powerful with long tails, perfect for the modern first-person-shooter game
Punch: Designed for an extra impact and robust character


Our Designed sounds are always crafted with true drag-and-drop use in mind. With the designed gun mechanics completing the sonic profile of the shot, you can rest assured these sounds can be added where you need them without any additional need for revising. Combined with the Construction Kit to add any extra character or effects, this is a truly powerful toolbox of weapons sounds to have.



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boom library wwii firearms bundle boxWorld War II Firearms Bundle

The best of both worlds at a discounted price.

The Construction Kit and Designed truly stand out when used together. In the Designed part, the Mechanical Shots were crafted to provide the full process of firing the gun. While the Construction Kit comes with all the source material so that any Foley sound you might want for further customization can be used.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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