New: Chaos Group V-Ray 5 for Revit is Now Available

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 5 for Revit, offering real-time exploration, the new Chaos® Cosmos assets, and versatile lighting and post-processing tools.  Chaos Cosmos is a Free 3D content collection for architects and designers.

V-Ray 5 for Revit

V-Ray® for Revit is a versatile visualization toolset that brings you the best of both worlds—real-time visualization and photorealistic rendering. It’s everything all in one. And all in Revit. From beginner to pro, Chaos® V-Ray has all the tools you need to visualize your Revit projects from start to finish.

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What’s new in V-Ray 5 for Revit

Discover how real-time exploration, Chaos® Cosmos assets, and versatile lighting and post-processing tools can optimize your pipeline and power up your projects.

V-Ray 5 for Revit now includes V-Ray Vision for real-time visualization. An intuitive new Light Mix tool to simplify how you light your model. A new V-Ray Frame Buffer where you can fine-tune and finish your renders. Plus over 650 3D assets you can place in exteriors and interiors.

Real-time in V-Ray for Revit is here.

Speed up your workflow.

With V-Ray Vision you can enjoy a realistic real-time view of your model while you work. You can walk around to get a better sense of your design and take better decisions.

You can see your design evolve instantly as you apply materials or setup lights, allowing for rapid iterations. You can quickly produce pictures and even export 360 panoramas to speed up the approval process. And whenever you are ready to present your design to your clients, you can easily scale your model to photoreal quality.


v-ray revit cosmosEnter the Chaos Cosmos.

Elevate your model to perfection.

Now, V-Ray for Revit comes with a brand new curated asset library – Chaos Cosmos, that helps you better tell your story. Easily create real-world context for your model’s interior and exterior by adding high-quality entourage from the essential categories – furniture, accessories, lighting, vegetation, vehicles and people.

Search and import straight from within V-Ray and spend zero time on setup – Cosmos assets have accurate physical scale, automatic levels of detail, and are ready to be rendered. Chaos Cosmos provides a consistent 3D content experience across Chaos products and renderers.


Beyond rendering.

Polish renders inside V-Ray.

  • Explore lighting like never before. – With the new Light Mix feature, you can experiment with all the light sources in your model after you have rendered. Group your lights, tweak their brightness or change their color to find what best fits your space.
  • Post-process inside Revit. – Our redesigned Frame Buffer comes with powerful new features that take you beyond just rendering. You don’t need a separate app for compositing or color corrections — they can be handled with V-Ray and saved as presets for future projects.


New workflows for improved efficacy.

  • Sketch your ideas with a click. – The new global Contours setting helps you give a sketch-like look to your concepts. Apply them to the whole model automatically or use them selectively to highlight certain objects.
  • Streamlined Proxy Material setup. – We’ve simplified the proxy material assignment process with the V-Ray Asset Editor. Assign materials in the Editor once, save them along with the mesh file and you can reuse this configuration in any project.
  • Add realism to Revit materials. – Now Displacement is not limited only to V-Ray materials — it’s an asset of its own that’s easy to apply to native materials.
  • Creative freedom with Sun & Sky. – Studying your design’s interaction with natural light has never been easier. With more control over the sky generation parameters and access to our improved sky model, your sunrises and sunsets will never look better.


More realistic materials.

  • Randomize textures for realism. – Use the UVW Placement asset to randomize patterns and colors of V-Ray materials as they would appear in the real world.
  • Coat & Sheen layers. – Quickly create polished surfaces of your materials with the new Coat layer. Utilize the new Sheen layer to create realistic fabrics such as velvet, satin or silk.
  • Dirt & weathering. – Add weathering effects to any surface of your model with the improved V-Ray Dirt texture.
  • Improved material library. – Save time by downloading our render-ready Material library, containing over 500 high-resolution 4K textures such as glass, metal, wood and many more.

Purchase Options

V-Ray 5 for Revit is available as a perpetual license or monthly or annual rentals.

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Webinar: Introducing V-Ray 5 for Revit

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 9:00am PST | 12:00 pm EST

With V-Ray 5 for Revit, Chaos Group made the most versatile visualization toolset for Revit — and they can’t wait to show it to you live. You will see the new real-time viewer in action and discover how it can help you explore your scene and speed up your daily workflow. You’ll also find out how the new Light Mix tool allows quick experimentation with lighting setups, see post-processing functionality with the new Layer Compositor — and much more.

In this webinar you will see: 

  • An overview of V-Ray 5 for Revit, its benefits and use cases
  • A quick demo, including the new workflows
  • Q & A

Register Here

chaos cosmos

Chaos Cosmos

Free 3D content collection for architects and designers.

Chaos Cosmos is a universe of smart content – with hundreds of high-quality models and HDRI skies that work perfectly with your V-Ray projects.

Stage your project with just a few clicks.

Chaos Cosmos makes it easy to add great looking 3D content to your V-Ray projects. With a library of render-ready models and beautiful HDR skies, you can stage your architectural and interior designs in minutes. Simply add the assets to your scenes straight from the new Chaos Cosmos Browser. Creating impressive and detailed visuals for your projects has never been easier.

What’s inside

Chaos Cosmos is a universe of smart V-Ray content, organized into 7 categories: Furniture, Accessories, Lighting, Vegetation, Vehicles, People, and HDRI skies.

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