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chaos player

Chaos Player is Pdplayer’s successor — a professional image sequence player designed for fast and smooth playback.  It’s now available as an individual product and part of the V-Ray Collection.  Try a demo today!

Chaos PlayerChaos Player

Your fastest route from render to playback.

Fast-forward your digital review workflow with Chaos Player, a professional image sequence player designed for fast and smooth playback.

Review your own or your team’s animation output in playback right after the rendering finishes. See new and updated frames instantly. Chaos Player is also powered up for basic compositing, color grading, and editing in real-time — even while playback is running. And much more.

  • Speed – Designed for fast, smooth playback of high-resolution image sequences.
  • Smart cache – Instantly load and playback newly rendered and updated frames.
  • Power – Create multi-layered compositions and make changes in real-time.
  • Control – Composite, color grade and edit layers while playback is running.
  • Remote work – Broadcast and collaborate with your teams with intuitive markup & annotation tools.
  • Professional quality – Work seamlessly in high dynamic range and output to all industry-standard formats.

What’s new in Chaos Player

Here are the highlights in the release:

  • A boost to speed and precision — Chaos Player comes with caching speed improvements, full color precision, as
    well as support for OpenColorIO v2.
  • A/B wipe compare — Compare up to four versions of a shot in playback. Swipe and zoom into the details to tech-
    check and help perfect your own and other people’s work.
  • Enhanced user interface — Stay focused with a new, neutral color theme. The interface now scales on HiDPI
    screens and offers you easy access to the tools you use most, plus a smoother full-screen experience.
  • Output formats extended with MP4— Now you can export your compositions to one of the most commonly used
    video file formats — MP4.
  • Workspaces — Choose your workspace mode – Classic to unleash the full power of Chaos Player, or Playback to
    limit distractions and stay focused on reviewing your work or other people’s.

Try a Demo Today!

Learn MoreTry Chaos Player for free!


Chaos V-Ray CollectionChaos V-Ray Collection

One license. Infinite possibilities.

Get V-Ray, Phoenix FD, Project Lavina, Chaos Cloud & VRscans in a single collection.

Artists and designers looking for total creative freedom and flexibility, get instant access to 15 Chaos products all with one license. With V-Ray Collection you can work freely between 3D applications, applying your own mix of photorealistic rendering, fluid simulation and real-time scene exploration to any project.

Learn MoreTry Chaos V-Ray Collection for free!

In Depth: Why Should I Use V-Ray?

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Posted by Kim Sternisha