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codex colorsynth

Codex ColorSynth offers innovative color grading for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects, and Apple Final Cut Pro X & Motion, and is designed to meet the user at any comfort level.

Codex ColorSynth

Codex ColorSynth is the outcome of a two-year-long collaboration between Codex and superstar Hollywood colourist, Yvan Lucas, whose IMDb credits represent visual masterpieces of over 190 films such as Amelie, Seven, The Revenant, Shutter Island, War Horse, The Hateful Eight, and the upcoming Martin Scorsese project for Netflix, The Irishman.

Lucas aided the Codex team to co-produce a simple yet innovative colour grading solution that would incorporate over 35 years of image processing and colour grading experience –for all levels of users -and would be compatible with their preferred work environment.  Enter Codex ColorSynth, a module integrated into Final Cut Pro that redefines the color grading experience and extends the creative possibilities.

Simple at first glance, ColorSynth is an elaborate pre-wired network of color processing nodes totaling more than sixty items arranged in an eight-layer stack with several sub-layers.  Regardless of the complexity of the grade, ColorSynth renders the results in floating point precision, at a constant speed, in both SDR and HDR.

The ColorSynth grading template is designed to meet the user at any comfort level; from the simplest One Light pass to the most esoteric needs, the ColorSynth software is easy to learn quickly. Core to ColorSynth’s toolset is an elegantly designed collection of innovative colour remapping tools called ColorEQ.

Color remapping tools have been around for decades, however, the mathematics usually result in unwanted color distortion artifacts that impede their usefulness and usability.  ColorSynth’s Color EQ nodes have been carefully engineered to address these issues and to deliver enhanced possibilities to all users.

As sophisticated as the tool appears in this technology preview, Codex is only showing the tip of the iceberg for how this module can extend the capabilities of Final Cut Pro’s software.

CololSynth is now compatible with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Codex Keys

codex keysIn parallel with ColorSynth, Codex also offers a sophisticated USB bus-powered control surface that integrates with NLE functions and all of the colour controls of the module. Codex Keys™ is an extended keyboard-sized device that sports a full-colour, high-resolution display, six potentiometers and increment key sets, and more than forty full-colour LED backlit keys. The combination of Final Cut Pro with ColorSynth and Codex Keys™allows users the pristine comfort that professional colourists enjoy at a cost anyone can afford.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha