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New: Creation Effects: Swarms is Now Available

creation effects swarms

Easily create realistic, 3D insect swarm animations in After Effects with Creation Effects: Swarms.  Users can make bees, grasshoppers, butterflies, and more fly, land, and even fold back their wings to a resting pose.


Creation Effects: Swarms

Creation Effects: Swarms

Animate custom swarms of insects in After Effects with Swarms

Swarms lets users easily create realistic, 3D insect animations in Adobe After Effects. Animate bugs individually, or combine them in almost unlimited numbers to form a 3D swarm that automatically moves with realistic swarming behavior – you just tell them where to fly!

Choose from 18 species of bugs, each with their own pre-set flight behavior. The flight behavior and appearance of the insects are completely customizable using convenient controls. With Swarms, even After Effects beginners can create high-quality, 3D swarms for compositing into their shots!

Choose from 18 insect species with pre-programmed flight and swarming behavior.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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