New: Digital Anarchy PowerSearch 3.0, Upgraded Search in Premiere Pro

New: Digital Anarchy PowerSearch 3.0 Upgrading Search in Premiere Pro

The completely revamped PowerSearch 3.0 includes support for searching not only transcripts and markers but also SRT files. Indexing a large project is much, much faster, as is searching. To explain, they implemented a new type of database in PowerSearch 3.0. The results, to put it simply, are much faster and efficient than they used to be.

I’ve always found it odd that Search in Premiere is limited to whatever is in a single panel at that time. If you search the Markers panel… you’re ONLY searching markers for that clip or sequence. If you search in the Captions panel, you’re only searching that SINGLE caption file. Sure, often that’s all you need, but often you want to search all the markers or all the caption files in an entire project. PowerSearch lets you do that. With or without Transcriptive (but of course, Transcriptive does make it more powerful).

Digital Anarchy PowerSearchDigital Anarchy PowerSearch

Find everything, anywhere. A search engine for Premiere Pro.

PowerSearch is a powerful metadata search tool that integrates directly with Adobe Premiere Pro and opens as a panel. This intelligent new search capability enables editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches, enabling streamlined video editing.

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Digital Anarchy TranscriptiveDigital Anarchy Transcriptive

Easy, Accurate, Automatic Transcribing

Transcriptive uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to transcribe footage. This makes all that footage searchable and makes it easy to create captions or paper edits. It’ll help automate and accelerate your video workflow!

It’s an inexpensive, fast, and flexible way of turning all your audio into transcripts.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki