New: Dust Products from Greyscalegorilla with Introductory Pricing

GSG Dust

Just in time for allergy season, Greyscalegorilla has released three new 3D dust products: 3D Dust Particulate, 4K Dust Elements, and the Dust Elements Bundle.   Note: All GSG Dust products are now only available as part of GSG Plus.

Greyscalegorilla Dust Elements Bundle

Introductory Pricing of $104.30 through May 13, 2019!

Get Greyscalegorilla’s 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements together for one low price.

The Greyscalegorilla Dust Elements Bundle was born out of an idea to create the perfect pairing of footage and 3D elements. What if you could combine the power of video overlays and 3D animated assets?

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GSG 3D Dust ParticulateGreyscalegorilla 3D Dust Particulate

Introductory Pricing of $69.30 through May 13, 2019!

Twenty unique drag-and-drop 3D dust Alembic files that add atmospheric depth to your projects. No plugins required!

These animated drag-and-drop alembic dust files are simple and quick to add to any scene. Designed and created to give you a variety of looks from subtle particles to intense rises, you’ll find the perfect look for your next render.

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4K Dust ElementsGreyscalegorilla 4K Dust Elements

Introductory Pricing of $69.30 through May 13, 2019!

Captured live in the studio, these 4K dust elements are the perfect assets for video editors, compositors, and VFX artists.

Shot on professional Super 35 digital production cameras in a controlled studio environment, 4K Dust Elements offers you twenty-five 4K overlays to use in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and other non-linear editors.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki