New: Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik is Now Available + Special Intro Price

ebberts + zucker beatnik


Unlock new levels of time effects to create beat-driven edits, retimings, audio-reactive speed changes & more with just 1 click with Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik for After Effects. Only $49 for a limited time only.

Introducing Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik for After Effects

Beatnik is the first script to combine advanced peak detection with time remapping to allow for unprecedented command of sound based time effects in After Effects. It’s built for audio triggered speed ramps, automatic edits, montages and a wide range of re-timing capabilities ranging from subtle to extreme.

beatnik main uiBeatnik Features:

  • 2 peak detection algorithms
  • Keyframe-less marker controls
  • BPM sync
  • Toolbox with additional utilities
  • Separate Markers & Sync option for expanded capabilities
  • Crazy cool Retempo option.
  • Multiple interpolation combinations
  • Trapcode Sound Keys integration
  • Supports Beat Assistant and other 3rd party marker generators.
  • Built in manual marker generator
  • Randomize segment order for quick montages
  • Stop Motion simulation
  • Easy one-click results
  • Almost 0 learning curve


Special Intro Price, Only $49! Limited Time Only

MSRP: $69.00  SALE: $49.00

Learn More | Purchase Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik

Sale ends March 19, 2019.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha