New: Extensis Connect: Digital Asset Management is Now Available

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Extensis Connect is accessible, cloud-based digital asset management for smaller teams. It creates a central source for your assets, which your team can access from any place, at any time allowing them to focus on creative collaboration.

Extensis Connect

The most talented teams value collaboration, avoid roadblocks, and most importantly, stay organized. Great teams know they need systems and processes that empower everyone to do their best work. And a lot of those systems and processes have digital asset management (DAM) at their root.

Adding Extensis Connect To Elevate Productivity And Efficiency

Your primary concern is allowing your team of creatives to be as efficient as possible. Elevated productivity and streamlined workflows mean more projects delivered on time, more happy clients, more business, and more growth.A digital asset management system, particularly one like Extensis Connect with a low barrier to entry, makes that mission simpler.

Elevate Your Team’s Efficiency
  • Centralize assets in a single, uniform system
  • Speed up turnaround times and deliver a greater volume of work
  • Empower your team to spend more time acquiring and serving clients
Encourage Collaboration
  • Ensure you and your team can share the right images and assets with the right people every time
  • Prevent mistakes and lost assets, which could lead to lost clients+Better management with robust permission control capabilities
Improve Organization
  • Allow team members to quickly search and find any asset
  • Avoid repurchasing assets you already own
  • Encourage repurposing of assets
Simple Purchase And Integration
  • Payment options include credit card, PayPal, and purchase order
  • No software installation, no IT requirements, no extensive training

Extensis Connect helps your team deliver timely, high-quality content to more clients more often. The outcome results in your ability to drive sustainable growth.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha