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New: FL Studio 2024 is Now Available – FL Cloud Plugins, New Instruments and Effects, More

fl studio 2024

FL Studio 2024 is a huge update to the desktop DAW. It now offers plug-ins in FL Cloud, new instruments and effects, AI tools, and many workflow improvements. Plus, the update is free for existing customers.

What’s new in FL Studio 2024?

  • FL Cloud now includes plugins, starting with 10 in the Free plan, 65+ in Pro
  • A new vintage synth, called Kepler Exo
  • Low Lifter, a bass enhancer, and Spreader, a stereo widener tool
  • Get endless inspiration with the new Chord Progression Tool
  • Piano Roll and Channel Rack enhancements include stutter edits with Note Repeat
  • Edison is now more powerful than ever – it can now be used to separate vocals and noise from a track and has a significantly improved Declipper


Moving to year-based version numbers

From now on, FL Studio’s version names will match the year they’re released. Our Lifetime Free Updates policy means you can always grab the latest version, so this will make it a lot easier to know if you’re up-to-date. If it’s 2026 and you’re still using FL Studio 2024, it’s time to update!

Introducing plugins in FL Cloud

We’ve expanded FL Cloud to include VST plugins! FL Cloud is now a one-stop solution for top-notch instruments and effects from our partners, all seamlessly integrated into FL Studio. There are now three tiers, with plugins included for every user.

Over 65 plugins made by Native Instruments, UVI, Baby Audio, Minimal Audio, MeldaProduction, W. A. Production, and UnitedPlugins.

3 New FL Cloud Plans

We wanted all our users to get some of the great plugins we’ve selected for FL Cloud. That’s why even the free, time-unlimited plan includes 10 plugins. Just download FL Studio 2024, open the ‘Sounds’ tab, and create a free account to access them.

Of course, these are all in addition to the huge variety of plugins that already come with FL Studio Editions. We chose partners to perfectly complement FL Studio’s onboard plugins and inspire your productions. And the collection keeps growing.

  • FL Cloud Free = 10 Plugins
  • FL Cloud Plus = 18 Plugins
  • FL Cloud Pro = 65+ Plugins

fl studio kepler exo

Introducing Kepler Exo

While Kepler was clearly inspired by two classics, JUNO-6 and Jupiter-8™, Kepler Exo is a step into the future. It introduces a second DCO (oscillator) with hard sync, oscillator FM, dedicated filter FM, an additional LFO, a 16-slot modulation matrix, and five more onboard effects (alongside that vintage chorus you know and love from Kepler!).

Kepler Exo is a powerhouse of authentic, retro sound, perfect for all your synthwave, cyberpunk, and retrowave needs.

Kepler Exo is available in FL Studio 2024 (All Plugins Edition)


fl studio chord progressionChord Progression Tool

Chord progressions are the emotional foundation of any great track, and we know how tough it can be to create a good one. That’s why we developed this advanced, easy-to-use feature. Whether you’re an expert pianist or have no musical training at all, it now takes just seconds to create the perfect mood to get your track off the ground.

You can easily access the Chord Progression Tool from the ‘Tools’ menu on every Piano Roll window.


fl studio masteringMastering gains more options

Mastering has had a major upgrade too. You now get a range of customization options to tailor your masters. Easy-to-use controls let you adjust things like bass and high frequencies, warmth, and brightness. You can also engage low- and high-end exciters, a stereo widener, and even a multiband dynamics processor.

And you can tweak with confidence – our custom AI technology ensures your tracks always sound release-ready, no matter which settings you choose.

Mastering now also supports FL Studio’s wide array of output formats, including 24- and 32-bit lossless WAV, FLAC, OGG, MP3, and M4A.


fl studio piano rollNote Repeat in the Piano Roll

The Piano Roll has also been updated with Note Repeat. Use it to create stuttering beats and notes in both the Piano roll and Step Sequencer. Higher values mean more repeats. This is perfect for creating quick rolls!

Low Lifter

Sub bass frequencies are foundational to modern music, but many common speakers, like those on phones, laptops, and headphones, can’t reproduce them, so they get completely lost. In today’s music-listening world, that’s a big problem.

To solve this, Low Lifter analyzes the low end and dynamically adds higher harmonic frequencies that can be heard on any speakers. Not only does this unmask those low frequencies for any listener on any device, it enhances the ‘experience’ of the subs for everybody too, even on pro systems and subwoofers.


Spreader is another new, much-requested effect in FL Studio. It delivers powerful stereo enhancement with no mono-compatibility problems.

Any stereo effect on bass frequencies can cause the bass to ‘cancel’ itself out – potentially removing the bass and subs from your music entirely. This mostly happens when stereo audio is combined to make a mono signal (in many phones, tablets, and public sound systems, for example). Our spreader lets you exclude bass frequencies from the spreading, ensuring no cancellation occurs, so your bass remains centered and powerful.

fl studio welcome screenA new ‘Welcome’ screen

Opening FL Studio now presents you with a welcome screen to jump straight in where you left off or try something new. This has your recently opened projects on the left and template projects on the right. For example, the “Song Starter” template opens a project with the new Chord Progression Tool ready to go.

Other updates

  • Powerful AI features in Edison – The Declipper tool gets more powerful and we’re adding two AI models that allow you to remove noise or vocals from recordings where vocals are mixed into the track.
  • BPM matching in the Browser – You can now set the Browser to automatically match the key and tempo of samples to your current project, as long as a sample has BPM and key information available. You can bypass this to preview samples unprocessed, or even choose whether or not FL Studio applies the matching by default.
  • HQ mode in Parametric EQ 2 – Parametric EQ 2 features a new HQ mode. This new mode allows ‘decramped’ filters without oversampling. EQ cramping can have unexpected and unwanted effects on high frequencies, even when working on the midrange.
  • CLAP support – Expanding FL Studio’s support of open standards, CLever Audio Plug-in (CLAP for short), brings the world’s newest plugin format into your favorite DAW. Any installed CLAP plugins will now appear after a plugin scan along with VST and AU format.
  • Improved Plugin Picker – We’ve improved the search function so the Picker now shows plugins containing any of the letters typed.
  • Macros – You can now use any time stretching mode with the ‘Switch all audio clips to’ function in FL Studio. Previously, this function only allowed Stretch and Resample modes.
  • Improved button states – Playlist, Piano Roll, and Event Editor Tool buttons now no longer change color on mouseover – so you can tell if they’re pressed.
  • Improved MIDI Out – MIDI Out now includes a ‘Note off’ value selector for note controls. Notes triggered with this control don’t have to stick around forever.
  • Faster rendering – FL Studio 2024 uses Blend2D for the GUI on macOS and Windows. You’re unlikely to notice this on smaller projects, but in heavy projects with a lot of visualization you will likely now have more frames per second.
  • Better support for macOS – On macOS, we’ve added all items from the main FL Studio menu to the macOS application menu. So now you can use it like a standard Mac app with the menu bar on top.
  • New features in Piano Roll scripts – Piano Roll scripting has been updated to feature a whole host of new functions to expand the possibilities of MIDI controller integrations.
  • New options in Settings – Settings now includes an option to purge the FL Cloud Sounds cache – this is necessary if something went wrong with signing in to FL Cloud for example
  • Rebind keyboard shortcuts – Settings window now features ‘Manage keyboard shortcuts‘ for selected functions such as the Browser, Pickers, and MIDI import. This is where rebindable key combinations will appear in the future.
  • Shortcut for ‘Make Unique’ – There’s now a handy keyboard and mouse shortcut for the Make Unique Clip function. Holding Shift+V as you drag a chosen Clip creates a new copy as a Unique Clip. You can even select a bunch of clips and use Ctrl+Shift+V (Command+Shift+ V on macOS) to make Unique Clip copies of them all.
  • Send to Playlist as Audio Clip – When using ‘Send to Playlist as Audio Clip’, the display will now jump to the newly created Audio Clip in the Playlist.
  • Improved notices – We’ll show a warning when samples are dropped directly on Instrument Tracks in the Playlist. Of course, if you actually do want a sample on an instrument track, you can override this warning.
  • Delete with ease – Deleting multiple Audio or Instrument Channels now asks whether to delete associated data (Playlist Track, Mixer Track, Automation Clips, etc.) for every Channel being deleted. Previously this option was only available when deleting individual Channels.
  • Toggle for ‘Nudge clips’ – You can now disable ‘Nudge clips with mouse wheel’.
  • Easy access to User Manual – Hover over any window and press F1 to open the relevant page in FL Studio’s User Manual.
  • Hide your user name – Your user name in the hint panel is now replaced with an anonymous ID. It’s perfect for sharing video capture of your DAW without revealing your private details.


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