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New: FumeFX Cinema 4D v6 is Now Available – New Pyro Vorticity, C4D 2024 Support, More

fume fx c4d

This new version of FumeFX for Cinema 4D features significant rendering and simulation advancements and support for Cinema 4D 2024 and Arnold

What’s new in FumeFX Cinema 4D v6?

  • Added new FumeFX Pyro Vorticity with Surface Breaker. This vorticity type adds different type of details to flow interior and flow boundary (fire or smoke) which results in simulations that resemble pyroclastic flows with plenty of fine detail. Surface Breaker can be used to add medium-sized detail or to break surface of homogenous flow.

  • FumeFX 6 features new Explosion Preprocess set of options that enable user to create advanced shading of cinematic explosions by using the Arnold renderer and its set or nodes.
  • FumeFX adaptive grid attributes allow user to have separate control over grid expansion by velocity and added pressure or to disable adaptive grid contraction.
  • Simple and Geom Sources have new capability to directly add pressure to the FumeFX simulation. This feature can be used to enhance explosions and create areas of low and high pressure which will then result in fluid to move towards the source or away from it.
  • Support for Cinema 4D 2024
  • Support for Arnold


Sitni Sati FumeFX for Cinema 4D

Sitni Sati FumeFX for Cinema 4D

A powerful fluid dynamics plugin-in for Maxon Cinema 4D

FumeFX is designed for the simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosions and other gaseous phenomena. This unique plug-in is a powerful gaseous fluid dynamics simulator created by Sitni Sati for seamless integration with Maxon’s Cinema 4D™ modeling and animation software. Designed for use by visual effects artists, game developers, and visualization professionals who demand the utmost in realism, FumeFX is unrivalled in its ability to capture the nuance and complexity of fluid gas behavior.

The key to the FumeFX difference is that it combines your specific aesthetic vision with real-world physics. FumeFX fire and smoke behave according to the laws of fluid dynamics and react to relevant physical forces, such as temperature and gravity. This means you can produce realistic voxel-based simulations with greater speed and ease than ever before. Furthermore, the combination of a dynamic feature set, intuitive user interface, and open architecture offer the performance and flexibility to enhance virtually any pipeline. Simply put, there is no other combustion effects tool that can compete with physics simulation power in this plug-in.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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