New: FXHome Action Pro v1 is Now Available

fxhome action pro v1

FXHome brings Action Pro out of Beta with version 1.  It has a sleek new UI that matches Hitfilm v12, a less cluttered workflow, the introduction of Action Pencil for tablets and phones, and much more.

Action Pro v1

Powerful motion-building software

Tired of tedious keyframing? Take animating into your own hands (literally) with our powerful motion-building software: Action Pro. Easily transform real-world motion (from your mouse or fingertips) into professional 2D and 3D animations. No clunky graphs. No numbers. Draw your moves and watch your animation come to life.

What’s new in version 1?

  • The main user interface has been updated to match the sleek UI found in HitFilm V12, along with a general overhaul of Action Pro’s layout to mirror what you see in the rest of our software!
  • The layer list in the timeline has been simplified, leading to a less cluttered workflow and a far more accessible overall product.
  • Introducing Action Pencil! You’ll be able to download our brand new iOS app which gives you direct control over your designs from your phone or tablet, it synchronizes with the Action Pro software so you can see your input in real time.
  • Create only the tracks you need to reduce the complexity of your projects.
  • The Master Track has been added to the sequence to allow you to apply modifiers to your final computed animation.
  • Invert modifier added which can be applied to Items or Tracks.
  • Multiply modifier added which can be applied to Items or Tracks.
  • Hard clamp modifier added which can be applied to Items or Tracks.
  • Smooth modifier added which can be applied to Items, Track or the Master Track.
  • A messaging system has been added at the bottom of the Window to give more clarity about what Action is doing behind the scenes.
  • You are now able to create recordings within the software for perfect shapes including Circle, Curve, and Archimedean Spiral.
  • The sequence now has a slice tool for dividing Items.
  • The sequence now has a stretch tool for elongating items.
  • A network server has been added to the software which listens for the complimentary iOS app.
  • The software can now import CSV files and convert them to animation data which, in turn, can be exported to HitFilm.

Plus there’s tons more enhancement and a slew of bug fixes.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha