New: FXHome HitFilm 14 is Now Available

FXHome hitfilm 14 update

This latest release of FXHome HitFilm adds more text controls, select AE plugin support, a Chromatic Aberration effect and video textures for 3D models.  Plus lots of bug fixes and an improved workflow.


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What’s new in HitFilm v14?

Improvements to the export process

The Export Queue is now an Export Panel, and is now much easier to use. Exporting can also now be done from the timeline (and comps). These ‘in-context’ exports will export the content between the In and Out points set or the entire timeline, using the current default preset (which can be changed from the menu).
Additional text controls

Customizing text in HitFilm is now easier than ever, with Text panel options for All Caps, Small Caps, Subscript and Superscript. You can also now change the character spacing, horizontal or vertical scale, as well as baseline shift (for that Stranger-Things-style titling).

Usability and workflow improvements

As well as the new and improved export process, we’ve made a few other changes to the interface to make the whole post-production process a little bit easier.

The rectangle and ellipse mask tools can now be double-clicked to automatically place a centered shape that fills the screen, all your masks will now automatically be assigned colors to make it easier to identify them in your project.

There’s a new composite button in the media panel. Drag layers onto it to create a composite shot, or multiple pieces of media to create one for each asset in one go.

You can now double click in the effects panel to apply a filter to the currently selected layer, drop 2D effects onto layers in the viewer, and ‘favorite’ effects which will put them up into a handy folder at the top. Some effects – like the Chroma Key and Light Flares – can now be dragged and dropped onto a specific point on the viewer to directly apply the effect to in-place or dynamically pick your chroma-key color.

Video textures for 3D models

Have you ever wanted to use a video layer as a texture on your 3D model to add animated bullet holes, cracked glass or changing textures?

You can now override the materials with a video layer when you first import a 3D model, bring both the model and texture into a composite shot, go to the 3D model’s control panel, then ‘Materials’ and select ‘Override Materials’. You can then choose from the different maps available to pull in a texture.
Chromatic Aberration Effect

Chromatic Aberration has now been added as an effect in HitFilm Pro – allowing you to replicate the red, green and blue fringes around edges when light is refracted through a lens. This allows for some really cool creative effects, and can be pushed to extremes with parameters for distance (the distance between RGB channels), strength (opacity of the effect), radius (blur radius of the RGB channels), and ‘Use Lens’ – which lens warps the effect around a point of your choosing.

Support for Select AE Plugins

Earlier this year we announced that select After Effects plugins would soon be supported in HitFilm. Some of the most requested plugins are now natively supported, starting with the following Red Giant and Video Copilot plugins:

  • Red Giant – Trapcode Particular – organic 3D particle/motion graphics
  • Video Copilot – Element 3D – import and animate realistic 3D models
  • Video Copilot – Optical Flares – customizable, realistic lens flares
  • Video Copilot – Saber – high energy beams, neon lights and other similar effects
  • Video Copilot – Orb – 3D spheres and planets
  • Video Copilot – Heat Distortion – realistic heat waves and mirage effects

Click the links above to learn more about each plug-in.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha