New: FXHOME Ignite Pro 4 & Imerge Pro 2 are Now Available

fxhome ignite pro & imerge pro


FXHOME has released Ignite Pro 4 and Imerge Pro 2, with lots of new features, effects and enhancements. Plus, HitFilm 12 is coming in February, 2019.  Buy now and save 25% thru January 31, 2019.


fxhome ignite proFXHOME Ignite Pro 4

Already in a committed relationship with your editor? No problem. Ignite Pro gives you over 180 plugins to fire up your software of choice. Experiment with over 550 visual effects, presets and the industry’s best suite of 360° filters.  No strings attached.

What’s new in Ignite Pro 4?

  • Added the new Exposure Pro effect to all hosts.
  • Added the new Dehaze effect to all hosts.
  • Added the new Surface Studio effect to all hosts except Resolve.
  • Added the new Inner Glow effect to all hosts except Resolve.
  • Added the new Outer Glow effect to all hosts except Resolve.
  • Added the new Distance Field effect to all hosts except Resolve.
  • Added support for the latest 2019 release of Adobe AE CC.
  • Added support for the latest version 16 of Vegas. (Windows)

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fxhome imerge proFXHOME Imerge Pro 2

Build Hollywood-level composites with flexible layers, 35+ professional filters, and no fear of baked-in changes. Edit uncompressed RAW files and tackle green screen with the industry’s most intuitive chroma key. Save time, get creative.

What’s new in Imerge Pro 2?

  • Added a GPU accelerated RAW conversion engine which improves highlight recovery and RAW file load times.
  • Added support for the following export formats: 16 bit PNG, 16 bit TIFF, 16 bit RGBE (HDR) and 16 bit OpenEXR.
  • Added an global insert menu which is used to search and pick insert operations from a context sensitive list based on the currently selected item.
  • Added a more comprehensive layer search which takes into account: layer types, layer state, effects, masks and content items which can be combined to allow complex searches.
  • Added a new “maintain positions” option to the canvas settings dialog which, upon canvas resize, will update all layer positions and dimensions to give the effect of adding more canvas space to a project.
  • Added a resize tool which provides a more flexible way of changing the canvas size while maintaining layer positions.
  • HUD elements now snap to various, configurable, points of interest when they repositioned or resized.
  • Redesigned content items to allow bigger thumbnails, more image details and settings.
  • Added option “Zoom to Extent”, which calculates a zoom level such that all layers fit within the viewer.
  • The highlight recovery on the exposure effect has been improved.
  • Project previews, layer thumbnails and content thumbnails now support high dpi monitors.
  • Greatly improved the speed of project loading, initial renders and multiple image imports.
  • Metadata can now be customised per batch output.
  • The project search, on the home screen, now also matches projects based on layer names and image filenames used inside the project.
  • Suitable input fields, most commonly rotation based, now automatically wrap around.
  • Ability to configure the UI so the layers and layer controls are on the left instead of the right.
  • H and V keyboard shortcuts for hand and selection tools.
  • Added ability to rename effects.
  • Added ability to preserve aspect ratio when resizing area masks and radial gradients, when holding down the shift key.
  • Chroma key matte can now be blurred to introduce a uniform softening to all its edges.
  • Content items can now be copied and pasted.
  • HUD labels now stay within the viewer region.
  • Added targa import support.
  • Added support for embedded grayscale color profiles in imported images.

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Sale ends January 31, 2019.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha