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New: iToo Software Railclone 6 is Now Available

itoo railclone 6

iToo Software has released Railclone 6, the newest version of their parametric modeling and layout tool for 3ds Max.  This version adds lots of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience when creating new styles.


What’s new in Railclone 6?

The latest version of RailClone Pro makes it easier than ever to create complex parametric models for architecture, VFX, and games.

New Library Browser

The library browser has been rewritten from the ground up. Add 100s of objects selected from a scene and automatically build matlibs and generate thumbnails in a couple of clicks.

Introducing RailClone Slice

Prepare existing assets for use with RailClone using the new RailClone Slice modifier that divides a mesh into all the pieces you need to create common styles.

Updated asset library

RailClone 6 marks the first phase of a major overhaul of the built-in library. In this release you’ll find over 160 new parametric assets in 5 collections.

Always-on-top style Editor

Edit styles and interact with the scene at the same time thanks to the ability to keep the Style Editor open even after the RailClone object is deselected.

Supercharged Macros

Create macros by simply copying and pasting an entire graph into a new macro tab. Segments, splines, and numeric nodes are converted to inputs automatically.

Password protect graphs

Share styles with confidence using the new password protect feature. Be careful though, it’s so secure that there’s no way to recover a password if you forget it!

Link and Reroute

Make graphs much easier to read using the new Link and Reroute nodes that allow you to redirect, branch, and hide wires.

Style Editor improvements

Speed up object creation with improvements to the Style editor including shift+drag to clone nodes, import the scene selection to new nodes, better selection and much more!

Improved deformation

Use RailClone’s advanced deformation modes with confidence thanks to improvements to the Flat Top and Bottom algorithm which can now be used below the path.


iTooSoft RailClone

iTooSoft RailClone

Artist-friendly parametric modeling and layout for 3ds Max

RailClone is an exceptional scene assembly tool. Its rule-based approach to modeling makes parametric layout accessible to VFX artists.

Tired of using fixed, hard to modify, assets that require time-consuming manual labour to edit? Wish it was easier to create smart parametric objects that are easy to update, can be used and reused again and again, but requires minimal time investment? Enter RailClone – the artist-friendly parametric modelling and spline-cloning plugin for 3ds Max that’s fast, efficient, and easy-to-learn.

RailClone is unlike any other tool on the market. Objects are created simply by assembling and repeating existing geometry using an easy-to-define set of rules. If you can model in Max, you can create procedural objects with RailClone

Choose from hundreds of built-in presets, adapt existing objects by adding your own geometry, or even create your own from scratch using RailClone’s easy-to-understand visual editor.

Thanks to Railclone, now anyone can create and use sophisticated parametric assets.

Learn MoreTry iTooSoft RailClone for free!



iTooSoft Forest Pack + RailClone Bundle

iTooSoft Forest Pack + RailClone Bundle

Get the best of both plugins

Purchase both Forest Pack and RailClone 3ds Max plugins with this bundle and save 10%. Get the best team to speed up your 3D workflow.

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