New: Krotos Audio Simple Concept is Now Available + Concept Update

krotos audio simple concept

Krotos Audio has just released Simple Concept, an interactive and easy to use soft-synth powered by Krotos’ Concept synth engine.

Krotos Audio Simple Concept

Press Release

Krotos, the company behind the award-winning Dehumaniser, Reformer, Weaponiser and Igniter sound design product range, develop innovative technologies that fundamentally improve the way sound is designed and performed. In January 2020 Krotos expanded their catalogue to bring their forward-thinking ethos to music production with their soft-synth debut, Concept. Concept was awarded ‘Best Plugin of NAMM 2020’ by SonicState, and was featured at the top of the MusicTech Best Software at NAMM list.

Krotos are now pleased to announce a new addition to this range with Simple Concept.

Simple Concept is an interactive and easy to use soft-synth powered by Krotos’ Concept synth engine, wrapped into a compact interface. With a simple workflow and a user-friendly set of controls, Simple Concept lets you focus on your music.

Dial-in your sound quickly with expertly adaptable controls and perform a range of basses, melodic leads, keys, pads, and FX.

Shape modulation and effects and choose from a diverse range of 80 presets. Use ‘Tweak It’ to instantly create endless preset variations with just a few clicks.

Effortless, quick, and controllable, Simple Concept allows you to focus on what’s most important: your music.


  • Get started using a range of 80 inspirational presets and create unlimited sounds in an instant
  • Shape your own unique basses, leads, pads, and FX from a range of flexible adaptable controls
  • Create infinite preset variations with a few clicks using Tweak It
  • Explore a fast and streamlined workflow and interact with modulation and effects with a few controls to focus on your music

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About Krotos
Krotos develop innovative technologies that fundamentally improve the way sound is designed and performed. Renowned for their award-winning Dehumaniser, Reformer, Weaponiser and Igniter product range that have been used in hundreds of blockbuster films, games and TV series. The company has expanded to bring their unique technologies and approaches to music production with the Concept soft-synth product line.

krotos audio concept darkConcept Update

Dark Mode & New Presets

Available in VST/AU/AAX format, Concept is an intuitive and creative soft-synth, that makes the process of creating your own patches fast and inspiring. Concept’s flexible synth engine will enable you to create everything from traditional synth sounds to more complex evolving textures and custom sound design elements.

A fresh approach to modulation allows any parameter to be mapped to one of four highly editable multi-mode modulators in the centre of Concept’s UI. Choose from a variety of flexible modulation options such as Audio Input, X/Y Capture and the unique ‘Tweak It’ customisation system.

Concept also comes with an extensive selection of high-quality effects with a total of three simultaneous insert slots. A highlight of the effects suite is a mix ready convolution reverb that allows user IR files to be utilised to create unusual creative effects.

Overview of Concept

  • Modulation System – Explore a new approach to modulation using drag-and-drop. Instantly identify your mappings with clear colour coding and animated visual feedback.
  • Tweak It – Get inspired quickly using our controllable and assignable customisation system. Create variations of your patch with a single click, with results ranging from musical to complex.
  • X/Y Capture – Draw your modulation movements within an X/Y field. Capture patterns for any combination of parameters and sync the results to your project’s tempo. Create unique sounds and melodies in an instant.
  • FX Rack – Combine a range of ten high-quality effects, and drag-and-drop any parameter into the modulation system. An innovative convolution reverb is included allowing the use of custom impulse responses.
  • Audio Input – Stimulate new ideas by performing and modulating with any input or instrument. Use elements from your mix to create dynamic rhythmical patches, or use the pitch follower to create exciting interactions with existing melodies.

What’s New:

  • ‘Dark Mode’ User Interface option
  • 55 New Presets by Matteo Milani (Unidentified Sound Object) and the Krotos Sound Team
  • Software improvements

To celebrate this update we are reducing the price for the whole of August.

MSRP: $129.00  SALE: $99.00

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Posted by Kim Sternisha