New: Kubity 3D Suite is Now Available

kubity 3d suite

Kubity, the web app that automatically optimizes and transforms models for visualization and exploration in AR, VR and more, is now available as part of the Kubity 3D Suite, a Universal Immersive 3D Suite.  The suite also includes ArchiKlip (beta), rvt2skp, and 3D2VR.

Universal Immersive 3D Suite

4 Tools, One Low Price

Kubity 3D Suite is a collection of four easy-to-use immersive tools for 3D dreamers and doers. Share models in augmented reality with Kubity, make photorealistic fly-through tours with ArchiKlip or immerse yourself in a design with 3D2VR.

Access the full suite for just $99 per year.

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kubity iconKubity

A web app to automatically optimize and transform models for visualization and exploration in AR, VR, screen mirroring and more across any device.



archiklip iconArchiKlip

A web app that makes photorealistic 3D videos from SketchUp, then exports in MP4 video format.



rvt2skp iconrvt2skp

A Revit plugin that allows Revit projects to be exported accurately as SketchUp files.



3d2vr icon3D2VR

A dedicated plugin for SketchUp and Revit for instant 3D exploration in 1:1 scale immersive desktop VR on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.



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Posted by Kim Sternisha