New: Lesspain Software Kyno – Media Management, Now Available

lesspain software kyno


Toolfarm is proud to now carry Lesspain Software Kyno, the all-in-one media management app. Kyno is ingest-free media management, screening and transcoding that adjusts to your workflow.

What is Kyno?

The Smart All-In-One Media Management App

Ingest-free media management, screening and transcoding that adjusts to your workflow.

Save Time in Production

Preview, check and organize your shots from all your cameras quickly on set or in post even in a team.

Convert videos to editing or playout formats.

Get Control Over Your Media

Quickly find and organize media files on your offloading or archive drives.

Select and export only the usable parts from long shots made with drones or action cameras.

Quick to Learn, Simple to Use

Use instantly without training or studying documentation.

Discover the powerful tools as you use Kyno’s intuitive file browser & player interface.

Primary Features

  • Efficient media browser
  • Pro-grade performance optimized video player
  • Media management & metadata editing
  • Powerful conversion, trancoding & rewrapping engine
  • Wide format support incl. HEVC, MXF, P2 and many more
  • Apply camera & creative LUTs in player and during conversion

Integrated with the Tools you already use

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Premiere Pro
  • Excel
  • FileCatalyst

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Posted by Kim Sternisha