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letsmotion particle pro

LetsMotion Particle Pro is an easy way to create professional particle effects in After Effects. It is powered by Superluminal Stardust, which is required and must be purchased separately.

LetsMotion Particle ProLetsMotion Particle Pro

LetsMotion Particle Pro is the easiest way to create professional particle effects in After Effects. Powered by Stardust (required and must be purchased separately)

Particle Pro has 3 apply modes (Brush, Point and Text Alpha) and 12 different categories and styles (Awards, Butterfly, Chocolate, Fire, Fruit, Music, Rose love, Sands, Sandstorm, Shimmer, Smoke and Water).


Handy Settings

  • Size – Easily change the size of the particles.
  • Color – Grab color from the footage or totally customize it.
  • Amount – Control the amount of particles you want to use.
  • Speed – Take control of the particle speed.
  • Markers – Set your start and end particles with markers.
  • All Directions – 360 wind lets you choose any direction.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha