New: Lightmap HDR Light Studio Xenon – Now Available + Blender Connection

hdr light studio xenon release

Lightmap has announced the immediate availability of HDR Light Studio – Xenon Drop 1.  This release adds new features for Octane Render Standalone and 3ds Max/V-Ray 5 users, plus they’ve added a new Blender connection.

HDR Light Studio

Create the perfect HDRI lighting in minutes with HDR Light Studio Pro. Lighting shots are now fast, precise and easy. Simply click on the model to position lights on a live HDRI map.

HDR Light Studio will dramatically improve the way you light:

  • Easily and quickly light your 3D models to a very high standard
  • Enjoy a more creative and flexible lighting process
  • Meet your deadlines and produce higher value images

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What’s new in Xenon Drop 1?

This new HDR Light Studio release includes new features for Blender, Octane Render Standalone and 3ds Max/V-Ray 5 users. This release also lays the foundation for improving the performance of all our connections, with the development of a new faster API.

New Blender Connection

We are proud to release our new Blender Connection. This brand new connection is the big new feature in our Xenon Drop 1 release. This Blender Add-on is a free addition for existing Indie, Pro and Automotive customers with active Subscriptions or Maintenance.


We have developed a new TCP/IP based API (Application Programming Interface) for HDR Light Studio. This new API is significantly faster, providing a far more responsive lighting experience for the 3D artist.

The first connections to use the new API are the new Blender Connection and the Octane Render Standalone Connection. We are aiming to port other connections to use the new API, where applicable, in future connection updates.

Octane Standalone Connection

This connection has been updated to use the new TCP/IP based API in HDR Light Studio.

3ds Max Connection

Support for V-Ray 5 added.
Fix added to deal with username paths with non ASCII characters.

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If your Maintenance has expired there is a MAINTENANCE SALE until 30th September 2020, offering a 25% discount on maintenance. Contact Sales@Toolfarm.com for a custom quote.
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Posted by Kim Sternisha