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New: Lightworks 2023 is Now Available

Lightworks 2023

Lightworks is a powerful and versatile video editing tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.  It offers Hollywood-level editing for broadcasters and filmmakers, or anyone who wants to be one.

What’s new in Lightworks 2023?

Edit Smarter, Not Harder with Lightworks 2023

Lightworks continues its mission to help you edit smarter, not harder, with the release of Lightworks 2023 — out now! This latest version includes many new features and improvements, including:

  • Own Your Workspace with Custom Layout Creation – Your edit, your rules. Create, define, and adjust custom workspace layouts to maximize your edit.
  • Maximize Colour with HDR Workflows – Get the most from your footage by utilizing the full range of color and contrast available.
  • Control Your VFX with Video Mask Effects – Create and improve a variety of professional-quality effects and adjustments.
  • Sound Better Than Ever with Improved audio – We’ve made further improvements to our audio suite to help your project sound its best.
  • Sprinkle some magic with video fx improvements – Enhancements to the VFX toolset mean it’s easier than ever to add visual effects to your production.
  • Looking good with an improved UI – We’ve made a host of big and small upgrades to the Lightworks user interface.
  • And Much More!

“Overall, this update brings a wealth of new features and improvements to the Lightworks platform, making it an even more powerful and versatile video editing tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.”

Lightworks comes in 2 versions Create and Pro.  Create is best for YouTubers, gamers, and anyone who wants to do more than cut clips together.  Lightworks Pro offers Hollywood-level editing and is best for filmmakers, broadcasters or anyone who wants to be one.

Lightworks Pro

Lightworks Pro

Bring your video to life

Lightworks Pro has been helping creatives and video pros bring their stories to life for 30 years. If you’ve watched a movie or seen a music video in that time, chances are you’ve watched something created on Lightworks Pro.

Lightworks Pro comes with everything Create offers, and it's loaded with premium features: support for pro media formats, super-efficient file handling, flexible timeline, a full suite of trimming tools, proxy-editing, stereoscopic, multicam, advanced background processing, smart auto-save, hardware support, custom sequence output formats, custom metadata and broad interoperability.

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Lightworks Create

Lightworks Create

Great value editing tools for content creators

For those looking to do more with their video, Lightworks Create provides all the features needed to produce stunning video for work and play.

Lightworks Create is best for newbies and anyone who needs to be able to easily cut & edit video clips together.

Whether you’re editing for fun or profit, Lightworks Create gives you bags of high-end capability at minimal expense: super-efficient file handling, drag and drop timeline, sophisticated trimming tools, in-built effects, colour-correction, audio tools, third-party stock media integration, proxy-editing, background rendering, plus our unique intelligent auto-save.

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Which Lightworks is right for you

Lightworks Create

Features Include:

  • High-resolution H.264/MP4 export
  • High-resolution timeline rendering
  • High-resolution proxy files
  • Social Media Export Templates
  • Advanced Titling and Motion Graphics
  • BRaw media clip and project decoding
  • Apple ProRes decoding
  • Quick LUT support

Annual Subscription: $94.99
Perpetual License: $147.24

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Lightworks Pro

Features Include Everything in Create, Plus:

  • HQ constant/variable bitrate H.264/MP4 export
  • Advanced 10-Bit export options
  • Audio effect plugin support
  • Video effect plugin support
  • Support for NewBlue TotalFX plugin
  • Advanced video effects – enhance, stabilize and more
  • Advanced custom format creation
  • Export interchange formats with other applications
  • Export camera formats
  • Export media file formats
  • Export physical media file formats
  • Export and upload directly to your cloud library
  • Import directly from up to 5 cloud libraries
  • More proxy file compression options
  • More timeline rendering wrapper options
  • More timeline rendering codec compression options
  • Third party hardware IO support
  • Extended Hardware support
  • In-Edit Video QC
  • Apple ProRes encoding up to 4K
  • Advanced Scopes: CIE, YCbCr & Split View
  • Quick LUT support
  • RED R3D media clip and project decoding options
  • Stereoscopic project and export output

Annual Subscription: $227.99
Perpetual License: $370.49

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