New: Mindesk Realtime VR CAD – Now Available at Toolfarm


Mindesk is your real-time 3D design platform – The first VR/AR interface for desktop CAD software, and is now available at Toolfarm.


Mindesk enables CAD users to 3D model in VR while getting high-quality dynamic feedback of materials and lighting, provided by Unreal Engine’s photorealistic real-time renderer.


2D drawings and rendered images don’t provide a clear picture of the project and can cause misunderstandings.

Mindesk helps you to present your vision effectively to teammates or clients and to get their approval faster.

REAL TIME RENDERING with Unreal Engine 4

Enjoy a photorealistic view of your project as you work on it.

With Mindesk CAD Live Link, you can use Rhino 6 in synergy with Unreal Studio for an unprecedented real-time workflow.

Rhino defines the geometry, while Unreal gives surfaces a great look. Mindesk keeps everything in sync.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha