New: Natawork Studio Projection 3D v2 is Now Available

natawork studio projection 3D

Projection 3D from Natawork Studio lets you create real 3D projections in After Effects. Version 2 adds a ton of new tools, primatives and utilities.

Projection 3D v2

Advanced tool for camera projection mapping and photo parallax animation in After Effects.

What’s new in Version 2?

  • More convenient UI
  • Import image directly to the selected position
  • Creating and importing 3d objects is 10 times faster
  • Export wavefront obj file format
  • Export camera animation
  • Group objects
  • Added two new primitives
  • All tools can create 3d objects right on the spot
  • New tools – Spherize, Extrude Along Path, Generate Plane from Point(s)
  • New in Extrude Tool: extrude multiple masks
  • New in Extrude Tool: added Subtract and Skew functions
  • New Utility Menu
  • New utilities – Add Duration, Blur Edges
  • New “Reposition Anchor Point” window
  • Solo Layer(s), Enable/Disable Layer(s)
  • Quick Camera View

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Posted by Kim Sternisha