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next limit maxwell 5

The new Maxwell v5 adds super fast render times, a new Cloud Render service to access the most powerful machines available on the cloud, and more.  Now the time is yours!  Plus pre-order discounts have been extended through November 4, 2019.

Maxwell v5

V5 Pre-Order Discounts Extended thru Nov. 4, 2019

Maxwell is all about quality. Period. This has been our sacred mantra for almost 15 years of development. Our secret sauce is a physically-correct unbiased spectral engine, which produces not only beautiful images but also lighting-accurate simulations. In fact, Maxwell is considered the ground-truth in rendering and CGI production. We strive to inspire others, and you inspire us.

What’s new in v5?


next limit maxwell gpu

If you have ever heard that Maxwell is slow…well, yes, it was. Our commitment to developing the most accurate render engine on the market isn’t negotiable. The story has changed in Maxwell 5. A fully rewritten multi-GPU core now delivers final results in minutes and accurate previews in seconds, keeping physical accuracy intact. With multiple GPUs working in parallel you’ll get an unprecedented Maxwell experience. With Maxwell 5, time is now in your hands.

next limit maxwell cloud speed


The new Cloud Render service allows you to access the most powerful machines available in the cloud (up to 96 cores) speeding up the render process and thus improving your productivity. Cloud render jobs can be easily dispatched from Maxwell Studio and the plugins, freeing the local computer from high CPU loads. Cloud Render helps you optimize your time and resources more efficiently.

next limit maxwell integrations


Maxwell 5 is seamlessly integrated in most of the major 3D/CAD software solutions such as Rhino, SketchUp, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Revit, ArchiCAD, and Cinema 4D. As an alternative, the standalone Maxwell Studio offers an independent production/rendering environment to create, edit and render Maxwell scenes. Render nodes and network tools for advanced deployments are included. Maxwell is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Learn More about what integrations are available

Please Note: Not all Integrations have been updated to v5

Version 5 Plugins Currently Available

  • Maxwell Studio
  • Maxwell | Rhino
  • Maxwell | 3ds Max
  • Maxwell | SketchUp
  • Maxwell | Maya

Version 5 Plugins Coming Soon

  • Maxwell | Cinema 4D
  • Maxwell | Revit
  • Maxwell | Archicad

*Form Z’s development is still unconfirmed and under revision.

More new Features

Additive Materials in GPU

Materials with additive layers are now GPU-ready, increasing compatibility with the majority of Maxwell materials.

V-Ray Scene Import

Import native V-Ray scenes and convert them to Maxwell automatically. Only supported in Maxwell Studio. Plugin integrations coming soon.

Improved Interactivity and Stability

FIRE (Fast Interactive Render) is now faster and optimized to update instantly and reflect the changes in the scene, providing a great interactive workflow.

Procedural Textures

Add more variability and realism to your scene by randomizing texture properties automatically across multiple objects or tiled surfaces.

Light Groups (Multilight)

Lights can now be grouped and controlled like single emitters in the Multilight ’emixer’. Useful to keep MXI files more compact, reduce memory footprint and decrease complexity in scenes with lots of emitters.

Support for High Resolution (4K) Screens in both Render and Studio

Now Studio and Maxwell Render interface are able to accommodate to high resolution displays like 4K or higher.

Improved Workflow

Nested references allow for better management of large scenes with deep hierarchies, optimizing file sizes. Dependencies are now searched in several subfolder levels, streamlining assets management.

V5 Pre-Order Discounts Extended thru Nov. 4, 2019

Due to popular demand, Next Limit is extending the V5 Pre-order upgrade discounts through November 4, 2019.  Upgrade your version today to save $100 over the new upgrade price.

New License pricing will remain the same!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha