New: Pixel Lab Aura: Professional 3D Environments – Now Available at Toolfarm

pixel lab aura

The Pixel Lab and Renderking have joined forces again to create Aura, a collection of Professional 3D Environments for Octane and Redshift.  It currently consists of 13 stunning backplates with 2 more yet to come.

Pixel Lab Aura: Professional 3D Environments for Octane and Redshift

13 Stunning Backplates for Cinema 4D

Introducing Aura, a very special product which has high quality, professional level 3D environments for your animations or product shots. Aura has 13 environments and we (Pixel Lab & Renderking) will be launching a free environment every month for customers until we hit 15. These are perfect back plates for stunning product renders! We have a Octane Render and Cinema 4D version and a Redshift and Cinema 4D version.

Incredible Realism

Attention to Detail

From the lighting to the texturing, everything is dialed in, high res and professional quality.

Rigged up

Comes with Xpresso Rigs

Every studio has an Xpresso rig so you can use sliders to easily modify the lights, temperature, color, glows and many other properties.

Render Engines

Octane and Redshift

We’ve prepared Aura for Octane + Cinema 4D and Redshift + Cinema 4D.

Learn More | Purchase Aura for Octane     Learn More | Purchase Aura for Redshift


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Posted by Kim Sternisha