New: Pixel Lab C4D Tower Tool & Arnold Mutating Materials: Metal are Now Available

pixel lab tower tool & arnold mutating materials metal

Pixel Lab has released 2 new products.  C4D Tower Tool completely replaces the Building Kit and offers a new way to build thousands of custom buildings.  Arnold Mutating Materials: Metal offers 260 metal materials with varying levels of decay. Plus get 30% off during the NAB Sale.  Ends April 25, 2020.

c4d tower toolC4D Tower Tool

“I’m stoked to introduce the Tower Tool for Cinema 4D! I teamed up with Rick Ellis (rickdellis.com). He came up with a beautiful and elegant system for creating thousands of unique building models in a couple clicks! (FYI, this is a new product which completely replaces the old Building Kit with a new, faster and more efficient rig).” – Joren

A Revolution in Kitbash Tech

A New Way to Build

This kit comes out of the gate with 200,000 possible random buildings. You can also customize virtually everything with Panel Random, Spline Random or Full Manual Control. The possibilities are endless!

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly test out different designs

96 preset buildings, 400 different panels and 129 different spline profiles means 200,000 possible unique buildings! It’s insane!

Pre-made Assets

Includes tons of bonus items

Included are over 50 bonus models to add details to your buildings. We also included 30 tileable materials which are 4k!

MSRP: $99.00  SALE: $69.30

Learn More | Purchase C4D Tower Tool

Sale ends April 25, 2020.



arnold mutating materials metalPixel Lab Arnold Mutating Materials: Metal

Activate your mutant powers using ten base metals with varying levels of decay. It’s the most comprehensive pack of metal materials for Cinema 4D + Arnold available on the planet, featuring 260 materials! Every texture is 4k, seamless, and PBR based.

260 Arnold Materials

4K Resolution and Seamless

This pack includes 260 premium materials for Cinema 4D Arnold.

Iterate with Ease

Designed for Experimentation

No need to mess with nodes. Don’t like a material? Just add a variation to quickly test out different options.

High Resolution

PBR Based 4K Maps

All materials are 4K and completely seamless.

MSRP: $79.00  SALE: $55.30

Learn More | Purchase Arnold Mutating Materials: Metal

Sale ends April 25, 2020.



If you’re a Redshift user, we also have this product for Redshift.

Click to see the Redshift version

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Posted by Kim Sternisha