New: Pixel Lab Modern Cityscape Collection + Redshift Mutating Materials: Metal, Now Available

2 new pixel lab products

The Pixel Lab has recently released 2 new products: Modern Cityscape Collection, a kitbash product with 27 modern skyscrapers & buildings and more; and Redshift Mutating Materials: Metal, a pack of metal materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift.

Modern Cityscape Collection

The Modern Cityscape Collection is an incredible kitbash product with 27 modern skyscrapers & buildings, 150 bonus models to populate your city & 3 completely built out city skylines.

Every model comes textured with 3 versions: Octane Render, Redshift and Cinema 4D Physical. Also included are the building .objs in case you want to use them in a different app.

Prepared for Octane, Redshift and C4D Physical (+ .Obj)

Attention to Detail

Each building is detailed, scaled and textured beautifully. They include window treatment, rooftop elements like AC units, banners, cables and antennas. We took the quality to the next level so you can just drag/drop these into your scene and have stunning detail.

Modeled to Perfection

Yes, they’re realistic, but we also kept in mind that cityscapes need a lot of buildings. We were very careful to use modeling practices that keep the buildings as low poly and light weight as possible. You can add dozens of these to your scene without worrying about performance.

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Redshift Mutating Materials: Metal

pixel lab mutating metals

Redshift Mutating Materials: Metal is the most comprehensive pack of metal materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift available on the planet, featuring 260+ materials! Every texture is 4k, seamless, and PBR based.

It includes 10 base metals: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Iron, Platinum, Silver, and Steel.

Every one has dozens of mutations like Polished, Smudged, Sandblasted, Cast, Grinded, Raw, Brushed, Powder Coated, Galvanized, Hammered, Wrought, Forged, Corroded/Rusted, Painted, Scratched, Pitted, Dented, and Damaged.

This pack will help you iterate and find the perfect metal quickly, without having to dive into the node tree.

The premise of this product is to take 1 metal and then have dozens of mutations of it in various forms of decay. This means you can easily iterate. If you don’t like a look you can easily select the next option to add more weathering and decay.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha