New: PixPlant v5 is Now Available

pixplant v5

PixPlant is a complete solution for tiling PBR materials.  This update to PixPlant includes many improvements. In fact, so many things are new, that the version number has jumped from 3 to 5!

PixPlant: Seamless 3D TexturesPixPlant: Seamless 3D Textures

A complete solution for tiling PBR materials.

PixPlant creates and edits 3D maps and quickly transforms common photos into seamlessly tiling materials. Save a lot of texturing time with PixPlant 5!

Note: Version 5 is only available for Windows. A macOS compatible version is coming soon. However, version 3 for Mac is still available for purchase.

Learn MoreTry PixPlant: Seamless 3D Textures for free!

PixPlant Features

  • Quickly transform photos into PBR materials and automatically create seamless tiling maps.
  • A variety of tools for 3D material extraction and for map editing at pixel and whole-surface level.
  • 3D Preview area with PBR rendering, HDRI, displacement and parallax mapping. Also supports the Traditional Diffuse-Specular 3D workflow from previous versions.
  • Integrated tutorial system, for step-by-step interactive learning. Many ( i ) buttons for contextual help.
  • Edit maps in external editors at a click of a button. Also includes an Adobe Photoshop plug-in.

What’s new in PixPlant 5 for Windows?

The 5th major version of PixPlant includes many improvements. In fact so many things are new, that the version number has jumped from 3 to 5:

  • Support for the Physically Based Rendering (PBR) Workflow, while maintaining support for the previous Traditional (Diffuse-Specular) 3D Workflow.
  • Improved 3D Preview rendering with HDRI environment lighting. PBR Metallic-Roughness uses common GGX rendering, while Traditional
  • Diffuse+Specular Workflow uses Blinn-Phong rendering.
  • New Map Tools system with an intuitive interface and powerful capabilities. Fast GPU acceleration available in most tools.
  • Includes the previous version’s automatic tiling features with easy-to-use synchronized tiling of multiple maps.
  • All map editing is done at 16-bit precision, with some tools working at floating point. Full sRGB support for the Base Color, Difuse and Specular maps, and linear space support for other maps.
  • Includes an help system built inside the app with many contextual information buttons and interactive guides.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha