New: Pomfort LiveGrade Studio and LiveGrade Pro 5

Pomfort LiveGrade Studio
The wait is over: Livegrade Studio is now available! The brand new application is specifically tailored to the challenges of multi-camera production environments.
In multi-camera productions live signals need to be monitored, recorded, matched and switched instantly. Livegrade Studio helps users handle these tasks quickly and intuitively with a set of advanced instruments – including a game-changing router control infrastructure, professional recording capabilities, advanced grading controls, and various customization options.

Pomfort Livegrade Studio Pomfort Livegrade Studio

Exceptional Performance for Multi-Camera Setups


  • Compliments Livegrade Pro’s powerful on-set grading functionalities with dedicated features to excel in multi-camera environments
  • Innovative router control infrastructure to interact with multiple live signals
    Image capture and referencing
  • Professional recording capabilities
  • Advanced grading controls, including lift, gamma, gain, and printer lights interaction types
  • Professional video scopes including waveform, vectorscope, histogram
  • Custom control with affordable or DIY MIDI controllers
  • In- and ex-application automation
  • Monitoring of live metadata from one or multiple cameras
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts and column layouts

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Pomfort Livegrade ProPomfort Livegrade Pro 5

The Reference for Professional Look Creation

Livegrade Pro is the standard software for look management on set and beyond. Its complete scalability and superior integration with various camera workflows and setups have made it an integral part of TV, commercial and cinema productions. Around the globe DITs and DOPs rely on LiveGrade Pro to simplify their creative workflow and enhance on-set collaboration.

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To download a trial version, click on the product page.



Posted by Michele Yamazaki